Top 5 Mobile App Maker for your ecommerce business

Posted by mudra2rao
September 1, 2017

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Mobile usage is increasing year on year and according to a study by Flurry time spent on mobile devices is approximately 2 hours and 19 minutes. Average time spent on mobile by individuals is 22 minutes per day. Smartphones have become an important part of our lives that we will find it difficult to replace it in the future. If you want success in your business then you need reach these people and for that, you need a great app with amazing features. You need to make sure that you follow the following steps for an amazing and successful:

Define the purpose: You need to define why need a mobile app and which area is it going to address. Once you define this, you will be able to choose the right app maker for you.

Design & Layout: You need to finalize on the design and layout of your app. A good design can bring you good number of customers but a bad design might make you lose your customers. Choose a design that will look good and attractive on the mobile phones.

User-friendly: Your app should be user-friendly for your users. You have to make well-though decision when choosing the UI essentials such as button, and sliders. Keep minimum elements to give better user experience.

Performance: Your apps performance should be good. Reason being, if your app is too slow or hangs a lot your customer will never return to your app. As per a survey by Kissmetric, if there is delay by even one percent in the response time then conversions fall by seven percent. Your prime focus should be to avoid slow performance.

Uniqueness: Make sure the app you create is unique, it should not replicate any other app. Customers might not find it interesting or you might have to face legal issues. You need to show your uniqueness to the end users.

Offline Usage: When you are not able to use an app offline it gets frustrating, you need to keep this point in mind while developing the app and enable it with offline usage.

Now that you have established what to keep in mind before developing the app, it is important that you choose the right app maker software for your ecommerce mobile app.

Top 5 App makers are:

1. OhoShop – Not just App but a complete Package

OhoShop is a pocket-friendly and feature rich app maker. They have a clan of highly skilled and expert developers that build apps as per your requirement. OhoShop is perfect for hyper-local and other generic business too. It has 100+ features to add a perfect touch to the shopping experience of your customers. You can design the app yourself depending upon your brands objective. The app is tested with more than 1 lakh products and does not even require refreshing. It has SEO friendly features that make your websites searchable to get visibility among the new and already existing users.

It has deep link feature that allows you to share your products on carious social media platforms. They provide you with an SEO friendly website and web app to increase brand recognition. You can notify your customers with push notification. You can add unlimited categories without any hassles with a lot more features for category and product page. You can also enable group or tier pricing if you want to reach a larger group of retailers and wholesalers. Get your Facebook store integrated with your app to reach maximum users. It is available in both Indian and International Market. Get your unique & customized app built now.

2. AppInstitute

AppInstitute is a known app maker in UK. They have good e-commerce features to offer to its clients. They offer customizable catalogue menus and loyalty options too. Their booking feature is good and powerful. You can get a native iPhone and Android app for $28 per month. This comes with basic app analytics and push notifications. Check now!

3. AppyPie

Appy Pie is based overseas is an app maker and is a fast growing app maker. It has a unique free plan option and has attracted for those who want to start. If you want both Native iOS & Android app along with the mobile website, for that you have to move up in the ladder and pay a little more. It can develop apps in various categories as per the client’s requirement. Build your App now!

4. AppMachine

They make good software that will allow everyone to build their own apps. You can build native apps for iPhone or Android. They give high quality apps at affordable prices. Their goal is to set new standards in building native apps. You can build your app and add content easily. You can import your photos, RSS feeds, twitter, and FB accounts from your website with ease. Try the app now.

5. AppBar

Appsbar is a free mobile app builder. All app builder and app lover can make use of it. You can pick the type of app you want to build and explore the options available with it. You can design and preview your app on the go. You can add new features too. It has a social interaction platform that allows users to share content from the app across various social networks. It has more to offer to offer, to know that try it out now!

The list of some app makers is given above, you must making your decision wisely.


You do not really need any programming skills to build your app. You need to decide the features and elements you want in your app, making it the same as your website will not fetch you more customers. It has to be unique in its own way, yet connecting to your website. You do need some designing knowledge to be able to design your app based on your brands promise. Hence, choose an app maker with a lot of though.

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