Dear PM Modi, You Have Failed India’s Journalists


The Prime Minister,

Respected Sir,

You have failed journalism. I hope you’re aware that it was Santanu this time.

I’m writing this letter today because writing is my passion and to speak up against crucial instances is my intent. We’ve all come across the phrase, ‘a pen is mightier than a sword’. However, the phrase doesn’t seem to be implied in your country. You always speak up for the youth, but you have failed the youth and the nation today by not accepting this phrase.

I have always been dedicated to being a journalist. Where should I start? Or where should I stop? Should our pens and thoughts be scanned by the tip of your sword?

‘Unity in Diversity’ is the phrase often associated with our country but how is it being implemented?  Today, it is differentiation is what we are witnessing in the name of diversity. There is no space for an individual’s right to freedom of speech and expression. Here the power of a pen has been withheld and transferred to the sharpness of swords and bullets of a gun.

In the 21st century, is our innocence keeping us from accepting an immense truth? Will we not rectify our thoughts to give space to our youth and the free thinkers? The youth needs a boost and an independence to speak and write freely. I’m sure this isn’t the society our forefathers fought and gave their lives for.

Gauri Lankesh and M M Kalburgi are two people I must talk about here. Sadly, their words couldn’t win over bullets. But they won millions of hearts and their words will remain alive forever. They dared to speak up which resulted in their deaths.

Your society is failing to cherish true and honest people who use their pens. Wake up before we lose more gems like them due to your negligence!

Now added to this list is Santanu Bhowmick, who was a journalist at a local TV channel in Tripura. He was beaten up and killed this Wednesday while covering an agitation and road blockage by Indigenous People’s Front of Tripura(IPFT). Another truth seeker died.

India ranks 9th as the deadliest countries for a journalist as per the ranking of Committee To Protect Journalists (CPJ). From 1992, the total recorded death cases of journalists with the known motive for murder is 41, of which 13 (except Santanu) are the cases of the past three years. This is becoming the face of India.

Why? In this case, I would surely love to hear “Bhaiyon Aur Beheno from you – your explanation.

 I would humbly request and pray to you to provide us with a safe environment and a secure future


A passionate writer

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