Undercurrent strong against Modi govt

Posted by S P Eswaraiah
September 18, 2017

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There is a huge under current among people that Modi has failed the nation and it’s people… Even Bhakts privately admit that Modi has belied their expectations and the governance is mediocre…. With one and half year more, Modi cannot work miracles. More or less the Modi experiment has failed… When I ponder why ? The reason that first comes to my mind is running a state is different from running a nation… Second Modi is not a visionary statesman who can balance and take appropriate decision… He is not a team man and his cabinet lacks experience and stature… Third his arrogance is such that no member of his cabinet has guts enough to question his wrong policies or decisions…
Ex: Demonetisation, make in India, GST, failed skill India…. The list goes on..

I too supported modi in anticipation of great things happening to the country, but..but .. Modi has failed me too… Anyway lets hope the remaining period at least modi salvages some pride.. but his arrogance of not accepting failures will be a spoke in the wheel and he will continue his tuglaq mis-governance…

But we should look at alternatives for 2019 since India cannot afford to have a rookie, arrogant, ineffecient, not ready to learn PM….

Enough of silently enduring a mediocre PM, Let’s make up our mind to oust him Democratically in 2019…

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