Posted by Animesh Sarmah
September 16, 2017

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Is it possible to share each and every stuff with our parents? The answer is simply “NO”.

The creation of God is astounding and exceptionally admirable as he created someone who is like our parents and named it as ‘Friend’.

Friends are the individuals who bolster us like our parents, where sometimes they fight with us for no reason and sometimes they fight for us and in some cases, they are the one to encourage us to do some silly mischief.

Probably those mischiefs sometime might have outraged us, but now if we look back, we can see a clear and clean picture of those occurrences in the form of tiny pieces of memories flashing before our eyes along with a smile on our face.

The value of Friend’s in one’s life can’t be expressed in words but only felt.

Envision your life on an isolated island having no friends around; you can simply feel the value and absence of friends in your life.


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