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What facilities to expect from international boarding schools in Mumbai

Posted by The Cathedral Vidya School
September 4, 2017

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Considering getting your child admitted in an international boarding school? Then as a smart parent you must ensure that the international boarding school is well equipped and provides the students with all the necessary facilities and amenities which have been discussed in this post.

International Boarding schools in Mumbai are the best places where children get adequate opportunities to not just learn and complete their primary as well as secondary education but can also achieve a full and well-rounded personality due to the additional facilities which these schools offer as compared to normal schools. Some of the facilities which most of the International boarding schools near Pune are equipped with and which you must also ensure are provided are as follows:

Sound access to books, journals

Along with receiving formal education children also need adequate exposure to books, magazines, journals etc which will help in increasing their vocabulary as well as help them keep updated and abreast with what is happening around in different parts of the world. Hence, as responsible parents make sure that the school offers its students with a well equipped library which will nourish their minds.

Sufficient co-curricular activities

In order that your child has a well rounded personality once he or she passes out from school and is able to face any challenges boldly, you must ensure that the school you are planning to admit him or her into provides him or her with sufficient co-curricular opportunities like quiz, debates, group discussions etc which not just help in increasing his or her knowledge but also helps in developing their personality. Co-curricular activities help students develop qualities like public speaking, how to conduct yourself in public, your diction etc. So make sure that your child gets adequate opportunities to develop himself or herself.

Some extracurricular activities to refresh

You must have come across the popular saying that ‘All work no play makes Jack a dull boy’. This saying is extremely true and fit in case of students. Along with normal studies and co-curricular activities, children also need to be provided adequate extra-curricular opportunities in the form of different games and sports like basketball, volleyball, swimming, athletics etc. This will not help in providing them refreshment from the monotony of studies, but will also help them develop attributes like team work, leadership skills, sportsman spirit etc which will help them in the real world.

A good international boarding school is a perfect amalgamation of all these three factors. Although many schools do provide all this to their students, but one school which provides not just this but much more than this is The  Cathedral Vidya School. So why settle for something less than that when you deserve nothing but the best!





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