Quora Asked: “What Gives You More Happiness Than Sex?” Here Is My Reply

I was drenched in rains, hungry as I did not have food because it was raining heavily, and was tired after walking for 17 kms that day. I had not taken a bath for the past week and had been pooping in dry toilets. Since I could not poop properly, because dry toilets are very uncomfortable, it led to the formation of gas. My head was bursting with pain because of gaseous trouble.

With every step that I took on that mountain, I told myself, ‘Just a step more’, ‘Sakshi, just a step more’. I was dragging myself on the white sheet of ice on that mountain with a heavy head, body, and soul.

My sister and me

After walking a 100 metres more, we finally reached the summit. The summit that I had been waiting to reach for the past six months.

I could see the mysterious lake ‘Roopkund’ in front of my eyes. Right there was the lake which I had seen in pictures six months ago. And here I was.

I cried. I cried for almost half an hour after reaching the lake. There were bones and torn clothes and sandals of people from 1200 A.D. (the lake is said to be mysterious because there are human bones and skeletons lying there with no concrete reason).

I had finally completed the trek, with a 15 kg backpack on my back.

I do not think I have ever been so happy in my 22 years of existence.

I was ecstatic, despite my red cheeks, torn facial skin (the temperature was -3 degrees), and seven layers of clothing with four layers of socks.

I could not control my happiness. I vented through tears of happiness. I was dancing in joy.

I swear I had never seen myself so happy before.

I took a round of the lake, lay there and thought about life, about me, my parents, my family and friends, who I had not talked to for the past six days because of no network availability, and about how I wished for them to be near me.

I know most of you won’t be able to connect because you might not love travelling and exploring as I do, but the sense of accomplishment after achieving the targets that you have set for yourself is something that gives you more happiness than having sex. Trust me.

All the fights that I had with my parents so that they’d allow me to go on this trek, all the expenses that I paid out of my savings of three years – everything just paid off.

I do not think I will ever be as happy as I was on summitting my first Himalayan mountain climb.

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