What we can called one of the beautifull indias city ?Punjab Or Drugjab

Posted by shyam pandya
September 6, 2017

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This is shyam pandya here.I am from mumbai 23years old and i am a photographer

Yes,you hered right what we called punjab or drujab.its my plzur to say somthing in front of you all m may be littile for saying this but its very important for us and my qustation is for you all and indian gvt that what we called?.

1st of all listen one stry one boy was there in mumbai nd he addicated with one of the druge “meth” and suddnly after 3mth he opend his eye nd surrender his self towrds his family then he told his family that he want to go rehabitation center then he go there in punjab rehabitation center afrt 5mnth he camed now he was very welled exprsnd of 5mnth and this is my stry yes its mine.

you will feel wht the bloody this boy was saying etc bt its an part of my qustation thats y i told u my stry there many younger then me told that this is very easy nd sime game for punjab because india nd sm countrys borders have less distance nd this all druges are supplies frm another country to our country nd this city takes drug supply first and then frome punjab this all are distrubet another city like mumbai,delhi etc by supplys druges rate its money also increases.

so 75 percent of young genration in punjab is addicated wth some kind of druges nd 25 percent r nt but i think so aftr 6/7 years all are addicted wth druges in punjab nd by this the ranking of young youth dead is also increasing by sm kind of addications and i dnt want more death of young genration nd druges etc.

so please please take sm kind of strick ristrication or action our indian gvt please coz our india country knows for beautiful india because of our cultrule,relegion etc if this addication will continue then 1n day that beautifull word will stoped so its my hambel requst to all of you nd indian gvt nd punjab gvt say no to druges to all of young youth

sry if i said any wrong or said any wrong word i used sry

your faithful

Shyam Pandya


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