‘What women wants’ a mystery for present day India

Posted by Ishika Gupta
September 6, 2017

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“Respect women”, an ever emerging voice but left unheard. What women in India acknowledge is quite confusing. As a mother she’s respected, as a sister she’s cared, as a wife she’s loved. But what about a girl next door? Is she a “victim”? A victim of eve teasing, physical abuse, sexual assault and limitless inhuman cruelties. The time she steps out of home she’s looked as a fodder for those thirsty and wildly eyes. Inspite of various attempts made by the government, nothing seems to be changed. The problem actually lies in the attitude and psychological imbalance. Women in our society are being viewed as an object and not a being. Her rights have been denied since ages but what she faces now is pathetic. Some incidents in the recent past bring forth the mental sickness. Just in case of ‘Nirbhaya’ it took years to punish the guilty and still one of the convicts was left free. What is required is a strict step to overcome all the harassment. If not now then never, holds true for the current conditions. People need to understand that women hold equal place when compared to men ,and its time we stop treating her the way we presently are.

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