When is an Indian ‘IT’ coming?

Posted by Carlos Luis
September 10, 2017

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Are we fed up of romantic movies? Are our eyes bored to check those action sequences or we want something more than such kind. No doubt that there is something that the Indian audience is searching for, something else other than the ordinary entertainment we receive and have received in the past.

The response that Hollywood movies like ‘Jungle Book,’ ‘Conjuring,’ ‘Anabelle’ and presently ‘It’ received proves that the Indian crowd isn’t looking for the same age old tactics of entertainment. The audience is certainly asking for a change.

It is therefore time for the Indian film industry to deliver something better and something substantial. In other words, to deliver performances different from the ordinary.

Director of ‘IT’ Andy Muschietti presents a bone chilling movie. Something that though ventured into but still leaves a lasting impact. The movie is said to have broken the records of ‘Conjuring’ that was set 4 years ago.

The movie has earned according to Forbes 365 crores right from the time of its opening in the theatres. The movie harbors themes like, Innocence and its loss, lasting friendship and the fact that keeps life going due to such relationship.

It is time to recap where our industry is moving to. To fame or no name. To gain or to surrender its audience to Hollywood lane.

Until then the audience asks, “When is an Indian ‘IT’ coming?

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