When Kamal meets kejriwal

Posted by Shikhar Chawla
September 27, 2017

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After ruling the silver screen for decades. Now the political-active actor is ready to show his action or drama in Tamil Nadu politics. This speculation caught the pace after the meeting of Kamal with Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and Ashutosh and AAP Tamil Nadu head Somnath Bharti. After meeting, Kejriwal said,” Kamal Should join the politics”. Adding to this Kamal Hasan cited that we both have the same ideology to fight against corruption and communalism. The big question that emanates after this meeting is that whether Kamal joins hands with other political entity or he will debut in state politics under new symbol and the new party.

This is not the first meeting of Kamal Hasan with any politician. Before that Kamal also met with neighbour state CM Pinari Vijayan. This spread the theories in the air that Kamal may join the left arsenal. Later on, Kamal also shares the stage with DMK leader MK Stalin on the inauguration of DMK newspaper. He also cited that DMK supreme Karunanidhi once offered him to join the politics.
One thing that is in favour of the Kamal Hasan is the void in Tamil Nadu Politics. After the death of AIADMK head, Jayalalitha and Karunanidhi decreasing interest in state politics because of the poor health will help him to hone his political stature. The second thing is his cinema fame which will be the bonus point for him. MG Ramachandra and Jayalalitha are the epitome that Tamil Nadu politics is the safe place for cinema actors. His early political critics will add a cherry to the cake. Kamal has always remained vociferous against AIADMK corruption. Adding to this his Pro- Dravidian statement ‘the word ‘Dravida would last as long as the Indian national anthem remained’ will make politics for him no new arena.

But, as this rightly said that “For rain, you also have to deal with heat too.” This time heat is none other than his cinematic friend or rivalry Rajnikanth. Rajnikanth is also on the verge to launch his political career. A day after the meeting of Kamal-Kejriwal, Rajnikanth tweeted to praise the PM’s ‘Swachhata Hi Seva’ campaign. Rajnikanth stature in Tamil Nadu is far high as the comparison to Kamal Hasan. So, It will be challenging for him to cope-up with Rajni’s charisma. Apart, from this, some media websites also raised the speculation that both film actors may join the hand to clean the politics of the Tamil Nadu.
After this meeting, Kamal Hasan’s entry in state’s politics becomes crystal clear. But, When will this political debut become official is the big question. State body elections in Tamil Nadu are in December which will be the perfect time for Kamal to launch his political party or join the hand with other parties. If Kamal will make impeccable debut with these local body elections then it will catapult his image in State politics. Otherwise, Kamal political aspirations will be the watershed.

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