Where is the Youth Heading? Pervert sings ‘Bolna Aunty Aau Kya’?

Posted by Jayesh Mehta
September 13, 2017

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Chanakya once said-‘The world’s biggest power is the youth and beauty of a woman’. This quote of Chanakya has lost its relevance in the present world where a section of youth has become nothing less than  the sexually obsessive perverts. The recent songs like Bolna Aunty aau kya by the self-proclaimed  singer Omprakash Mishra is not less than a sexual assault on half of the population of the earth. Garnering about a million views and gaining mass attention of youths who are ready to go to such gatherings where they purposelessly shout the lines from the song is the proof of the profanity towards which the greatest energy of the world is moving.

Objectification of women with derogatory words is favorite tool of sick minded people like Mishra. My concern is the reception that such mentality has received. I was dumbfounded to see that more than 28K people have actually ‘liked’ that crap. Though art is autonomous and its the matter of individual subjectivity but what we see on the Youtube by Mishra is no art at all. Its an gender attack, an open one. Its the nightmarish projection of what painful and cruel ordeal women go through in their daily life. Being surrounded by such people is itself a scary experience.

While writing this article I am really confused as to whom to blame for this kind of vulgarity that has crept into the minds of our youth. Is it the western culture? Is it the modern world degradation?  Is it a mental distortion created due to unhealthy lifestyle? Is it because of the loss of proximity to spirituality? Is it because the youth are morally depraved due intense competition they face? Is it the effect of unsuccessful career prospects that causes them to take obnoxious paths in life? Why the youth is urged to demolish all existing norms and structures? Why he takes pleasure to defy all rules of decency?

I rest my article accepting that I am unable to find out the real reason behind all this disgusting and contemptible stuff that the so called ‘rap king’ has vomited over internet. All I know is that vulgarity and art never stand in a complementary relation. The pertinent point is that what should be done to change the psycho dynamics of this kind of masculine attitude towards the female gender. What steps should be taken so that  it doesn’t become a tradition to lyrically assault females as is done by Mishra. What should be done so that the ‘victimization’ of women doesn’t become an easily ‘accepted reality’ where everybody thinks that it is a routine topic without paying much heed to it.  No one should be allowed to naturalize sexual assaults on women even in any form of life or art.



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