Why Bahujan need to shun manuvadi BJP & rss

Posted by S P Eswaraiah
September 18, 2017

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When ever Manuvadis have asserted themselves politically and Socially, the Bahujan have been Discriminated and Decimated by them through deceit. History gives us umpteen instances starting from Aryan invasion in 1500 BCE, to RSS invasion in 2014… To understand present , we need to understand History, since Only those who read and assimilate history can create History..
Let’s understand how Aryan invasion subdued and discriminated a thriving civilisation called Indus Valley civilisation. How a minuscule migrants pushed their agenda on moolnvasis Indus valley civilisation and brought in cultural and social chaos. Indus valley civilisation whose connection with nature and their beliefs and God’s were hijacked and a new Doctrine called Vedic Religion was imposed on the native people.. Then too propaganda and gobbels theory played a role.. There were no caste during that period but Race Discrimination was prevalent.. But there were priestly class ,warrior and traders… while most natives were treated as workers or slaves…Understand here.. a social pyramid was started with a minority alpajan at top Discriminated a majority natives Bahujan then. That is when Jainism and Buddhism started in India more or less simultaneously and most natives who were fed up with Discriminatory practices of Aryan minority joined Jainism and Buddhism since those religions weren’t discriminatory and there was no caste there. Another important development during this period was those natives of Indus valley civilisation who rebelled against the discriminative Vedic practices ran off to the forests and they became TRIBES of India. Vedic religion declined during this period. Great kingdoms like mauryas ruled. This is also called golden period of Indian history. This is from 322-187 BCE. Brihadrata maurya was the last king and Vedic practices had lost it’s sheen and large sections of people and Kings followed Buddhism and Jainism.. Here again Sanga Mitra pushya who was a Brahmin commander of brihadrata assassinates the king through deceit and Manu smriti starts in India which paves way for the darkest period of Indian history socially. Again he follows Vedic period doctrines and divides the society into brahmans, kshtriyas, vyshyas and Shudras… Again a minority alpajan manuvadis start discriminating bahujans..for at least a thousand years..Here we have to remember Buddha who was a saviour of bahujan. The Bahujan were Discriminated socially, economically, politically, educationally and religiously by Manuvadis with a vengence since Buddhism and Jainism took a toll on them for few centuries… When they were down.. they meekly surrendered to rise again …. PL understand this DNA of manuvadis… They fall.. they surrender.. They rise.. They strample you with all might. Bahujan were deprived of social status, education and economic learnings for few centuries until Muslim invasion took place… again they surrendered themselves to Mongols while shudras fought them.. With tactic support another round of Discrimination started… Again understand the DNA of Surrender & Suppress. Then the Europeans came , Lot of Shudra Kings evolved again primarily becaz of their valour and fighting skills, ex : yeshwant Rao holkar . Then we had our social Bahujan heroes like Mahatma phule, Savithri phule, Shahu Maharaj, Baba saheb ambedakar , periyar who transformed Bahujan movement.. Education was brought to women and deprived communities by phule couple.. PL read how Chelas of Tilak threw cowdung at phule couple for giving education and starting schools for women and Shudras children. Again Manuvadis surrender to British enjoy power along with them , while shudras fight the British and lay their lives, ex: sangolli Rayanna, rani chennamma. In the name of Nationalism again few manuvadis like tilak etc do their suppression tactics again, but our heroes like phule out smart them through their work. Post independence, again manuvadi were in surrender mode since socialist and communists were active in India…There was no space for them in a resurgent India and no one was ready for their outdated ideology anymore… More over lot of bahujans started getting education and understood how manuvadis fooled them for ages.. Till 1990 manuvadis never got any sustainable foothold in India barring few abberation. During this period from 1947 till 1990 again it was Surrender mode where manuvadis we’re running their agenda in corners of playgrounds and taking help from manuvadis within Congress.. During this period again adhunik Sanga Mitra pushya , like Gowalkar, upadhyay, adhunik Manu started the revival again… This time in the name Religion, Nation, Hate …. Our generation bahuhan fell prey to these manuvadis while our parents and grandparents never ever did this mistake…. When I ponder why did we blink while our fathers and grandfather didn’t… the reason is simple… They suffered at the hands of manuvadis while we didn’t…we didn’t suffer becaz of sacrifices of our heroes like Buddha, Basavanna, phule couple, Shahu mahraj, babasaheb, periyar … and becaz our fathers and grandfather’s didn’t support manuvadis like we did..
Now my Bahujan friends… During our fathers era … They manuvadis we’re on Surrender mode… Now in 2017 manuvadi RSS and BJP are in Suppressive mode… It’s question of time that they vl start Discrimination mode .. Now friends… Think who is responsible for this condition of bahujans in 2017… And how we can put them manuvadis into submissive or surrender mode in 2019… Choice is yours my friends..
I can only take my horses to the pond… I can’t force them to drink.
But my effort vl be ongoing.. Jago Bahujan .. Jago..

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