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Why does Indian TV suck?

Posted by Saumya Bhardwaj
September 24, 2017

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According to a recent survey conducted, it was found out that most of the youngsters especially the one who are in teens don’t watch Indian TV, rather  they tune in for entertainment to YouTube (now you understand why everyone wants to be a YouTuber!). I still remember this article I had read and I had an epiphany, what’s wrong with Indian TV? Well since time immemorial I have listening to the pretty jokes and puns by various comedians and extreme criticism by my peers, when looked into the deeper sight of the jokes there lies a harsh truth. Indian TV has followed the same coveted clichéd plot. have you ever come across a person praising 90s TV and bashing today’s TV? Even though the storyline is more or less the same? It’s because in the 90s it was fun and new but now it seems irritating and lacks a speck of creativity. We Indians are famous for following the easy path be it from banning materials to illegalizing whatever we find illegitimate, same goes with the TV, if kyunki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi left people flabbergasted in the 90s, Diya aur baati hum also did it’s job.

From the beginning we prefer what we find comfort in and can relate to, Indian TV has far more relations from reality. It’s just to perfect to be true and there’s a saying that goes by if it’s too good to be true, it is to good to be true. Women draped in perfect sarees with matching Jewellery to men in kurtas and shirts, all living together with ten other ‘perfect’ family members has far connection from reality, no element of real life is inflicted.

Watching Indian TV feels like we know only one genre that exists i.e ‘drama’ that to exactly what drama doesn’t look like. As compared to western cinemas where creation of TV shows creates genres. Rigorous episodes with minimal plot line and zero script, Indian TV needs a break .


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