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Why left is on the verge of becoming an Ostrich!

Posted by Mritunjay Tripathi
September 11, 2017

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The change in discourse

With the change in discourse and the right wing government trying its level best to change the narrative the debate in the country left is being seen as a man so deceased wanting to give away his life at any hour of the day. The condition off the left parties has become worst from bad.

The downfall

The question arises why did this situation occur?  Why the self-proclaimed messiah of the poor the down trodden the deprived are breathing there last breaths in a country so large. Trends seem to change now the right wing is spreading in all walks of life. The Big daddy of the world of academia is being challenged face to face. The books that talked about the “Great Akbar” are being made to talk about their own men. The books that glorified the contributions of “Great Mughal” leaders for this country and the books that insulted Ambedkar to glorify one’s own man[1] are being made to talk about the “little charisma” that some other women/men had to make this country great.[2]

Stuck in mid -way

The left parties have a gigantic Pandora box full of issues and problems but what they lack is the real time solutions to the issues that the people face. Discussions and deliberations is the very essence and the basis of democracy. But just discussions can’t be the be all and end all to the issues that haunt the progress. General elections of 2014 left them asphyxiationated and then the incidents that followed in Jnu & Ramjas have made them the real time enemy of the “31% “’Bhakts.’”


The connection is lost

Connect that the incumbent party is being able to develop with the masses has not been the cup of tea of the left. There propaganda and there narrative of the poor and the downtrodden seems to lose its charisma even in the states under their control. The right has a face and that is the current Prime Minister but these parties lack the projection of such a big leader who is competent and capable enough to bring about a change in this situation of crises.

Cadre Management

Over a period of time one fact that we all as students of politics have come across is the left never wanting to rule but gripping the education system of this country and they have been very successful in doing so but what they lacked was cadre management that the Sangh Parivaar has profoundly done.

The hypocrisy

People across the nation find it very funny that individuals sipping the finest wine in there gigantic mansions facing the sea talk about intolerance, socialism and the deprived. These are the same set of individuals who have just stepped on the heads of so many socially deprived to taste the fineness of that “limited edition wine.” Being critical and scrutinizing the public policies will lead to better implementation of the policies but suggesting the governments as to what to do should also be taken into consideration if the left wants to survive the big game of chess that is haram.

[1] The council’s last year (2012) standard XI textbook, Indian Constitution at Work, included a cartoon which showed Dr BR Ambedkar sitting on a snail, a whip in hand, while country’s first prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru standing behind him, also armed with a whip (source: ) (Accessed on: 29/07/2016)

[2] Haryana State government has decided to teach Syama Prashad Mukherjee & Veer Savarkar in schools (Source: (Accessed on : 29/07/2016)

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