youth intolerance Reflects how much trouble we are facing in accepting the truth

Posted by Pooja Goswami
September 1, 2017

The day Dera Chief Gurmeet Ram Rahim was found guilty we heard so many instances of violence in Punjab, Haryana and Delhi and NCR. His followers left no stone unturned to mock the status of law and order in the country. And if one noticed, these mobs consisted of mostly youngsters. These young people are the ones who still blindly follow him and are ready to lay down their lives without question, just to prove how loyal they are to him.

We might have also noticed that social media was full of opinions when Ram Rahim was taken into custody and the verdict was due after three days. Everyone became the judge and started pouring their opinions on what went wrong or what else could have been done or what could have been avoided.

Since a decade social media has reached to the larger parts of the country. With its positive impact on society, it has also acted as a space for a lot of online bullying to take place. Since the internet is an integral part of the population, their opinions on subjects which are not even relevant to them have increased by leaps and bounds.

With this incident and a few more in the recent past, it’s fetching more prominent reasons to prove the inclination of this younger generation towards following their beliefs, even when it means imposing their faith on others. Have they become less tolerant? Or has it become easier to lure these young people to fulfil the filthy desires of many more messengers of God?

Now here’s the question that arises – Is it so easy to convince this vibrant and dynamic population of youth to do heinous crimes without being considerate?

It’s not only about a particular incident, but there are a lot of other events where this so called younger generation was found slut shaming, bullying, abusing, creating violence, spreading rumours and judging others on the basis of their perception of right and wrong.

There is so much intolerance growing among them that they are unwilling to listen to anything which is against their acceptance.  With violence, only short term favour can be gained. For a longer support, we need to understand the mentality of others and then act accordingly.

There is no hope left if our youth. Yes, our country is flourishing, but seeing such violence all around, there are high chances that the sun of optimism will go down even before shining bright. The development of our nation is in our own hands. Now it is up to us whether we transform it into a more progressive and diverse culture or dump its uniqueness into a dark dungeon.