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September 17, 2017

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“ We know that in our country India 35% of the population is youth. So, the youth resource of our country is very much more than any other country in the world. It’s said that India is an “Evergreen young” country still in her seventy years of independence. It’s still a developing country with many problems, though its resources are huge even compared to many developed countries.

Now a days it is heard that many young persons particularly in their teenage become trapped under the net of “Blue Whale” game. “Blue Whale” is the most culprit game of this era. The basic theme of this game is that  it provokes the youth who are depressed to commit suicide(instead of getting proper psychological counseling which could save their life). In this country, there are many youth who have committed suicide after playing this game. There are many incidents like this in Maharashtra, Kerala, Uttar Pradesh and Tamil Nadu etc.. In this game, at first you have to enter all the basic bio-data of yourself to get registered. Then, you have to do the task or play the stages as ordered by the game administrators . The tasks are to  to draw a picture  of whale in arm with blade, to watch a horror movie and at 50th stage you have to commit suicide.

In details the list of tasks are to be completed in 50 days which includes waking up at 4:20 A.M., climbing a crane, carving a specific phrase or blue whale on the person’s own hand or arm, doing secret tasks, poking a needle to the arm or leg, standing on a bridge and roof, listening to music, and watching videos sent to the challengers by the administrator.

                                                   Among the  preys   of this game is Bignesh from Tirumangalam from Madurai district, Tamil Nadu. Bignesh, a 19 year old hanged himself on Wednesday 30th August. His body was found on about 4:15 pm. A picture of whale has been found in his left arm. Below which he wrote “Blue Whale”. In this suicide note, he had written that Blue whale is not a game,it’s a danger. It is easy to enter in this game but no one can exit from this game.The Madurai district  police super Manibanan inform that they have created a separate  whats app group for the parents so that if  they found their ward is a pray for this suicidal game they can contact them.The police will send a psychological Councillor to the victim’s house.

                                                                                       Tamil police in their  circular suggests the parents to check on their wards desktop or mobile whether they are a victim of this death game or not.

In West Bengal too, many students are found who get involved in the death game. The department of education has order the teachers and students not to use mobile phone in the school premises. The administration and reputed persons from the educational fields give emphasis on the counseling. Proper Psychological counseling and awareness about internet are the most vital solutions for this problem. According to School department, they will campaign about the lesson of online awareness, on behalf of UNICEF to 30 reputed schools of Kolkata.

The list of affected youth in India can be found at:-

You can easily found details about the effect of this game in other countries by the site:-

From the data, we can conclude that though the game originated in Russia has  killed more  than hundreds across the world. Among the first 50 “Blue Whale game” addicted cities in the world, 33 cities are from India. The Siliguri and Howrah districts of West Bengal enrolled themselves in the first 50. So, there is a great concern for the youth of this country.

Though the main admin of this game a 17 year old Russian girl is arrested by the Russian police but still there are many  who are found to be victim of this game. There are also many who are  pretending that they are  playing the  game by drawing  blue whale on their arm with blade or whatever is to make them highlighted in their school, college or society.  Recently, in  West Bengal, a college  boy who was found addicted to this game during class when he was scolded by the teacher for not giving answer to a question. Afterwards he cried and beg for help and wanted to come out from the trap of this game. The college teaching staffs immediately called the police and the police arranged for Psychological counseling.Now at present the boy is okay as hew left playing the game.The police also arranged security and protection for him.

Recently, In August 2017, the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology,Government of India, directed several internet companies which includes  Google, Facebook, and Yahoo to remove all links which direct users to the game.The Supreme Court on Friday 15th September, sought the Central Government’s response on a plea seeking a ban on the online Blue Whale game that has been blamed for the deaths of a number of young people(for details refer:-

Apart from “Blue Whale ” game, there are many websites(including pornography website) which also creates a harmful effect on the mind of the youth. We will later discuss on this issue in the upcoming articles. Stay blessed, use internet for beneficial purpose.”










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