10 Advantages of Using LED Lights For Home

Posted by goyalsumit331
October 12, 2017

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Conventional lightning is the thing of past and market today is flooded with LED lights. The advantages of LED lights over conventional lights justifies the popularity of LED lights. Before moving to the list of advantages of LED lights, let us first understand what are LED lights?

Definition of LED:

LED is an abbreviation to Light Emitting Diode. It is a semiconductor diode that illuminates when current is passed. The illumination is a result of the combination of small particles that carry current are combined with a semiconductor material. Because these lights require only a little power to get illuminated they are considered to be the best decoration lights

Let us explore 10 benefits of LED lights below:

  1. Energy efficient

LED lights demand very less energy as compared to the conventional lights like halogen, incandescent, and fluorescent. LED lights cut down your electricity bill to 50%. This especially helps when you are using LED lights for home decoration during festive seasons like Diwali.

  1. Extended light hours

LED Bulb do not get burn out like the traditional lights and have a long lifespan. A good quality LED lights to have a lifespan of 30,000 to 50,000 hours or sometimes even longer. On contrary, the traditional lights like incandescent bulbs only last for approx. 1000 hours and the fluorescents last for approx.10, 000 hours. This again saves a lot of labour costs in installing the bulb.

  1. Highly Durable

LED lights are very durable and they last long even without filaments and glass enclosures. Vibrations and other impacts do not fuse these lights as it was in the traditional bulbs. LED bulbs are made up of high-quality glass that is vulnerable to any kind of jerk and damage. This quality along with a lot other makes this light perfect for Diwali decorations. LED Diwali light comes in various colors and designs for you to choose from.

  1. No UV or IR emission

LED lights do not convert any part into IR or UV rays like traditional bulbs which convert a major part of energy into IR and UV rays. Due to this reason, this light along with durability and energy efficiency are also safe to use. We can also term these lights as eco-friendly and perfect for home decoration on festivals like Diwali.

  1. Design Flexibility

These lights offer good design flexibility. They can be combined to any shape and yet it will produce the efficient light glow. A beautifully designed LED can be used to adorn house, office, hotels etc. along with amazing light effects.

  1. Works in extremely cold as well as hot temperature

LED lights do not have any effect of cold or hot temperature. It works well even if you install outside of your house during the winter season or in the freezer room of a lab. On the other hand, it was quite difficult for the fluorescent bulbs to work in the cold weather.

  1. Frequent switching

LED lights can be turned on and off numerous times and it will not affect the lifespan of the LED bulb. Moreover, it instantly gets on as soon as you switch it on. On the other side, the traditional lamps used to take time to get fully illuminated.

These were some benefits of LED light. Did they convince you? LED lights have more advantages than the ones mentioned above. The main LED character that allures everyone is the eco-friendliness, energy efficiency and high durability of these lights.

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