12 things every boy wishes girls should know

Posted by Hardik Lashkari
October 22, 2017

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No opening story, no conversation with female friend and no plot; As I write today, I want to be as straight as I can. Yeah, like me, several other guys also want to be too straightforward and clear – Girls, wish you could know few things about boys! And even if you didn’t know these points, please don’t assume that every boy is same. No, we all are different, we have our pains, insecurities, tensions, love issues, and several other things – instead of thinking just about SEX. We wish you knew these things about boys –

  1. Not every boy x-ray scans the miniskirts – Not every boy likes girls only in miniskirts or dresses that reveal most of their body parts, instead most of the boys like to see girls in ethnic wears in which a girl looks elegant yet beautiful. No, not all boys fall for white chicks or hot-figured girls, we love the girl who is elegant, sober, and has simplicity.
  2. Not every guy is a pervert – No, a big no! Some of them are creepy and jerks doesn’t all guys are. Our image in your mind isn’t what we are in real. We don’t think of sex or intimacy every time. Believe it, we as boys have also been told difference between LUST AND LIKE. If a boy likes you, please don’t assume that he only wants to sleep with you. No, he may also be craved to fulfil all his goals with you being with him always.
  3. Not every compliment is flirt – Believe it, most of the boys suck at real flirting. If he is complementing you for your beautiful dress or those ‘kajal’ eyes, it doesn’t necessarily be flirting. His compliment might be genuine.
  4. Care isn’t just of those things, it means you are special – Please don’t take our care and concerns just one of the normal things. If a boy is caring for you which he doesn’t do for others, it means you are someone special to him. If he is spending on you more than he should, you aren’t just a friend to him (atleast in his mind).

I care for you more than I do for others, I only like talking to you – and I do it all time irrespective of time in the clock, I can say you anything and I am ready to lend my ears to you all the time – Yes, you are special! Believe it or not. But that doesn’t mean you take me for granted or tag me “one of all those boys”. Don’t reciprocate the same, but just respect my feelings.

  1. Reject him straightaway, but stop taking him for granted – He proposed you, you rejected, and saved your friendship, that’s Ok. But stop taking him for granted, just because you know he can’t hate you since he loves you. If he is still caring for you, giving you support, making efforts to make you happy, atleast respect his feelings.
  2. Not every guy makes the first move – Oh! Please come out of this male stereotype that a boy should confess his feelings. He may be too shy to confess or may be scared about friendship with you. If you are feeling for him too, please make a move, atleast give him some signal that you too like him.
  3. Boys also get hurt – At times, a boy may pretend that he doesn’t care, or he isn’t concerned about the issue. But it is just because we have been always told that “men don’t cry”. Yeah a boy doesn’t cry, but he too gets hurt. His heart too gets broke, but believe me, he wouldn’t tell you ever. We are good at not showing it, even to ourselves. So if you realise that a boy isn’t OK, make him feel that you care for him before asking him 100 times if he is OK.
  4. Boys also need the same affection and care – I care for you more than I care for myself without expecting anything from you – the statement is useless and cheesy. Even if you are just a friend, and I make you feel good, I expect the same from you. It’s simple! No, I won’t tell you? So, are you good at picking the signals?
  5. Cricket/ soccer is irreplaceable – Yeah, that’s how it goes! We care about you, your calls and messages, but nothing can give more pleasure than MS Dhoni hitting a six or Messi scoring that goal from 30 yards. And, it isn’t our ultimate goal, that will last for only few hours, so can you let us watch it without asking silly questions or calling again and again?
  6. Boys don’t know all colours – It may be my curriculum fault that I have been taught only 10 colours in my grade 1 and that’s all I know. Not every boy knows what Peach, Flamingo, Magenta, Rosewood, Turquoise colour is.
  7. Not every boy is perfect – Imperfect guys like me do exist, but tell me this things politely and with love, I’ll whatever it takes to “try” being a little less than perfect. Dark, Tall and Handsome isn’t the only criteria to like a boy, sneak through his inner personality also.
  8. Reading mind isn’t a cup of tea – We understand what you say, not what you want to say. Please don’t confuse us by saying, ‘You don’t understand me’ because we only think and react on your words.

I may have made many haters by now, and a particular gender may be fuming in anger, but I don’t intend to speak anything against girls here – every boy wishes to tell these things to every girl with whom he is in contact – his mother, sister, females friends, “that special” female friend, girlfriend, and all girls that he sees daily.

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