13 Vital Tips to Pack Jewellery Pieces

Posted by Jeniifer Lopez
October 13, 2017

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The packing of the belongings is one of the most important aspects of any relocation job.  If the Goods are not packed professionally, they can suffer damage in the transit. It may look an easy job to pack jewellery when moving or travelling but in reality, it is a tedious job.

If the Jewellery is not packed properly, it can suffer damage or get tangled with each other. Jewellery is a very costly item, even a minimum damage to it may mean a very high loss for the owner.

Here are 13 most vital tips to pack jewellery just to ensure it arrives at your destination safe and sound:

  1. If you are planning to relocate, we suggest you keep precious jewellery like Diamond and Gold with you. The custom jewellery pieces can be packed with the rest of the household belongings.
  2. There are Jewellery cases in the market which you can use to pack costly jewellery pieces. These Jewellery cases have small compartments which keep jewellery pieces separate.
  3. Bracelets and necklaces tangle when we pack them together, so always thread them through a straw. You can also wrap them in tissue paper for additional protection.
  4. If you are to pack the random pieces of jewellery, just wrap them in reseal able kitchen wrap. Fold the wrap to keep Jewellery items separate.
  5. One easy way to pack earrings is to thread them through a sheet of foam.
  6. Among all the jewellery pieces, to pack and transport Bracelets and Necklaces is considered the biggest challenge. Because they get tangled easily with each other and wastes time and causes irritation.
  7. Untangling of jewellery pieces is not a simple job. While untangling jewellery pieces, the necklaces and bracelets can suffer damage. Some pieces even get broken that one wants to avoid at all costs.
  8. There are jewellery pieces which are very fragile and hence need to be packed with utmost concentration otherwise they can break and result in a loss to you.
  9. You can make use of the drinking straws to prevent jewellery pieces from tangling with each other. Slip a chain through a straw and clasp its ends. It will keep the chain straight hence prevent it from tangling.
  10. The bigger pieces of jewellery like bracelets and necklaces may not fit into the straws as they have thicker chains, so you can use toilet paper rolls to get your job done.
  11. After packing the jewellery items one by one, now it is the time to secure it in its entirety. To give cushion to the jewellery, wrap your jewellery into soft packing paper but do not use newsprint because it can stain jewellery pieces. You can also use a roll of plastic wrap to wrap jewellery in its entirety.
  12. After wrapping your jewellery into a soft piece of paper or plastic, now you can tie them together with the help of rubber bands, just to hold them together until they reach the target destination.
  13. Now place the jewellery into a jewellery box. Make us of sealable storage bags for complete protection against moisture and dirt etc. You can also make use of Ziploc bags for this task if you don’t have sealable jewellery boxes.

The above tips by Best Packers and Movers for packing jewellery will ensure the hundred percent securities of your most valuable belongings of life!  The moving services in India have professionals and all the necessary equipment to pack jewellery.

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