18-year-old, a Bundle of Inspiration: Interview with singer Stuart matthew

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October 1, 2017

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Stuart Matthew, 18 years old boy from Allahabad, India. An English singer/songwriter and multi-talented artist who just became the India’s 1st official artist on Spotify & Shazam, we got him to talk about his new album based on his personal life and many more.

-What is the story behind you becoming a Singer?

Stuart Matthew :
I was 15 years old, (aspired to be a doctor and never even wondered of singing) and I had a choir teacher in my school who wanted me to be part of it, I wasn’t really ready to do that because I thought I will ruin the whole thing. I told my mum the other day and she was happy about it she told me I should give it a try. After that, I tried my best in rehearsals but didn’t knew how I was actually doing. Soon, my choir mates started telling me “you have a nice voice, you do great” and things like that.
That touched my heart and kinda motivated me to do more in music and that’s how I gain huge interest in Music. I started checking in YouTube and found ‘Jasmine Thompson’, she Inspired me like alot and she had a cover of Demons by Imagine Dragon which took my heart, I was like I also need to do this and then I recorded it and shared publicly on Internet, there were like 100+ downloads in 3-4 days, I was so happy and wanted to do more. Well, nobody in my family knew I was doing music, they came to know when I had to convince my dad to bring me a microphone. I still remember how my parents were freaking out.

-Who inspires you the most?

Stuart Matthew : My parents, I mean they’re the true source of inspiration I’ve learned a lot from them and I know it’s heavy to say but we have gone through a lot and I think we have complete different life than others but my parents always told me to not give up and to be strong enough to let go things which doesn’t really need attention.

-What is your biggest achievement yet?

Stuart Matthew : There are so many that I really feel is big, like when I became an MTV Artist, I was seeing about myself in the newspaper and then I was nominated for Best Pop Artist in Radio City Awards and now my video is gonna be on T.V and then this spotify thing. Well, I actually think it doesn’t matter to me if anything is big or small cause it just makes me happy when I see people are loving my music.

-What was your reaction when you came to know you’re the 1st Indie official artist from India?

Stuart Matthew : I was like what the hell is happening! I asked my manager to confirm it and he told me “no other independent singers residing India is verified yet but you are” and the next day BuzzFeed featured me in their article, I freaked out I never thought that’s gonna be me.

-How your album “My Story, lately” got the life?

Stuart Matthew : So, there was no EP planned I just had this song called Stay (from the album), I was about to plan a release date for the song but then my manager was like “You really have to release it in a big way so that it might tell people a story and build a strong effect on em’ which can inspire”. Then we planned the intro things and recorded few more songs to complete the whole set of this album and then we named it my story lately. It was just a bad phase.

-What inspired you to write Stay?

Stuart Matthew :  To be honest, we all meet people in our lives who only take us for granted they try to pretend they are caring but they aren’t actually. I’ve also gone through this and it was terrible, that was something that pushed me in Anxiety but after days I realized that I’m not just gonna sit back and talk things which doesn’t even mean anything to me anymore and I wanted to bring that message to people so then me and my best friend Peter, wrote this song together.

Listen “Stay”

-What do you expect from your fans to know about the album?

Stuart Matthew : I really want them know how beautiful they are inside and out and how strong they can be and to have the ability to let go all bad things which makes you unhappy because this is life, so obviously you’re gonna have bad or happy phase so you should not really panic but even learn from things.

-How do you manage your personal and professional life?

Stuart Matthew : It’s quite awkward to say but when I’m doing music I don’t like doing anything else but anyway I have to study as I’m in college which is gonna be over very soon. It’s not that tough to manage it.”

-What your friends think about your music?

Stuart Matthew :
Oh, they all makes my life even more better everyday, they’re not really into my music I think but I wouldn’t even like if they keep talking about my music every time. They all are just so funny and perfect so I don’t even care bout anything else when I’m with em. I feel free and more comfortable with them.

-You’re gonna be on T.V right? What do you think about that?

Stuart Matthew :  I think that’s great, I’m really excited to see my video on T.V. My daddy is actually like, more waiting for it to happen.

-Your life is different than any ordinary teenager, how does it feel?

Stuart Matthew : Yes, it is. Maybe because I always wanted to do different from what others do, I see people going out for abroad study, that kinda creeps me out sometimes. Well, I think music have changed me so much that I like to be this way it really makes me feel special. Now, I don’t even want to do something else.

-How does it feel like to be successful in this age?

Stuart Matthew : Well I don’t really feel to be called successful but I think that this is just the start and I really want to go so far, but anyway it feels really great to be different a little bit cause it makes me happy to see my parents telling people how proud they are of me.


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