28 Days on PEP

Posted by Atul Kumar Singh
October 18, 2017

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Some how I managed to sleep by taking few deep breath and not to concentrate on the uncertain accident I met, slowly I went on sleep.
Next day it was still on my mind that how I hooked up with a man whose record is really unpredictable for me.
I knew myself that I ll be more than fine at any stance of my life no matter what, bcz I believe in that if life throws lemon at you make lemonade.
Though I was trying to feel peace but then I realised I am taking a chance for this accident, I have to stop this worrying by taking help of any friend. Then it was almost 9:10AM and started bombarding my dearest friend with messages and calls.
And got to know that there is chance to avoid this infection, that cost life in many ways. And the feeling was driving me crazy, started calling every possible one who can help me that PEP. LGBTi individuals from Agra are way more “MAHAN” .
Some one said to me if my condom get torn I wash my penis with my urine and all infection goes away, I was thinking OMG
It can’t be a simple cure for this lethal disease,
Another said, ” achhe se fresh ho jao.”
What the heck, I was feeling more than cursed to be in a city like Agra and surrounded by such morons.
So one of another friend from Agra I texted him
“Where can I get PEP?”
He- “Agra me mil Jayegi, TVS ki n?….
Holly fuck!! U also don’t know,,, I am calling you.
I called him and explained him the whole situation.
Then he gave me the no. of an NGO person.
I called him he looked so cool on phone and I thought he must be handling so many cases like this already, so he is fine may be, then again digging into myself ,,, why should someone else should get worried for my health and my accident.
I was about to go to printing shop and collect badges n post for an order to Norway.
But lost all cool at that time n directly went to S.N. medical college Agra. After so much investigation of streets n wards of hospital I was infront of the so called NGO person and he seems calm and and felt relief a bit.
Then I entered to a room with 2-3 Ladies Doctor n 1or two other staff.
I think I am not afraid of death now!!! I got good reason to write it…
Well living in this city of Tajmahal also called as city of holy lo*ve is being bliss in many ways, that always pushes me to rediscover myself,

One of the most beautiful fresh face with dark red lipstick doctor there, sitting besides a silent handsome man
Me – I want to get PEP because I had met accident yesterday.
Doc – wat happened, where are you from.
Me- not from @Agra circle. But I think that should not stop me to get that medicine.
Doc – no. We only give medicine to our medical circle.
Me- really ok then I go to Delhi to consult at Humsafar Trust.
Doc- who told you about us?
Me – Krishna Baghel told about u guys,
Doc- ohh I see, you are from that community, you are in that bad line. U bloody people take medicine today and will do the same tomorrow.
Me- (awkward as if I just ejaculated)
What !!! you really think so,
Bcz of my orientation n community, I can’t get it, you don’t have a right to make a personal opinion about it.
Doc – no I know the truth, you people always do that same, it’s your bad habit never goes.
Me- (really screwed up)
I run my website www.wearpriderainbow.com for these bloody LGBTi people, I can show u on my phone, a small version of it, you can have my card in the sense if you need any special design for yourself, I can help (was bitching to impress her so I can get medicine)
Doc- (smiling at me as she got me bisshh) I can write prescription and you can buy from outside medical store.
Me – (anxious) how much does it cost?
Doc- 3000-4000₹
Me- (hollyfuck, bishh better have my money), I m not carrying that amount of money, not even in my bank account 😁. I told to get at zero cost from district hospital, that’s why I came here.
Doc- I will give only two pills, else I don’t know. You got to go out to market and buy.
Me- (relaxed a bit). Okay no problem, thanks a lot for your kindness, I will go to Delhi for getting 28 days medication then.
Finally one of them told me the abbreviation of PEP and I gave her my card and ran out with the two pills.
Then what it was true…that I had only 158₹ in my account
Texted to few friends and one of them is the dearest Chetan Anjan already sponsored my last visit to Delhi,😉 again lend his hard earned money into my Paytm

With so many questions
I took a bus, it was nice A/C bus sat alone and didn’t aware, fell asleep, when I woke up was sheiverring saw a very good looking man was sitting besides me with very cute little baby,
Me- Ohh my god, am I waking up into my dream.
(Yes this is the dream I carried since my teenage, to go on holiday with my man and my baby, and enjoy a cozy time)
Uff it wasn’t dream, I got into tears, 😭.
Imagining that if I have a single day to live on this planet, how will I spend it!!!
OMG – no more shit, to the people who don’t serve me, My life, my rule, you coming in my way either you are very lucky to get bothered by me, in good way or you came to eat my holy shit,
There is no tomorrow, I don’t see myself as a monument of tomorrow, so Do or Die now, today, my life is of now, and will be spreading love, bcz I only get to known to love,
Finally at A.H.F. got these drugs for 28 days, and doctors were so humble and gentle, they waited for me almost one hour, till 9:30PM.
Ohh you governmental bitches you are living the epitome of faliure.
Really?? someone need to wash his dick to stay away from HIV transmission.
Educational system is a complete failure and saffron saints who really serve their shiva Dick, (wondering if it ever ejaculated in night and all saffron army get sick with HIV). Ladies you worship literally the dick of a man,,, lord Shiva . Don’t you see that how biggggg bitch you are, and then you seek a respect from a man who doesn’t serve, rather than teaching How to worship the Dick of Shiva, can you please teach your children
How to perform safe sex. And to tell them that how to live a healthy sexual life,
I also see that Men are also worshiping the Dick of Shiva, so that they became gay or produce gay babies.
Well I request to authority please put some Billboard n poster to teach people how to do safe sex rather than making so many temple, spending so much Pooja Samagri on worshiping the Dick of Shiva that really seems infertile to me, as it never ejaculate a single drop of goodness lol. I also wonder why people are mad at celebrating the Janmashtami while Krishna has 63000+ relationship without infection of any of the STD or HIV. They must be using some very good quality condom then lol.

Atul Kumar Singh

Founder and designer at www.wearpriderainbow.com


At the end I would like to say, you didn’t discriminated me or anyone, else either someone was straight or LGBTi, actually you so called human societies, you are living an era of complete failure.

You gotta bless yourself with knowledge not showing a grand worship on TV or tample.

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