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4 Myths You Probably Believe about Muscle Building Steroids

Posted by Thomas Sujain
October 26, 2017

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Over the years, muscle steroids have heightened some of the greatest debates in the fitness realm. Unfortunately, the mainstream media has done very little to address such controversies. In fact, they have only worked to throw people into greater confusion. The fact that body building steroids are some of the most misunderstood class of drugs is no longer a secret.

While most of the controversial opinions have succeeded flying back and forth, steroid users and experienced experts have channelled effective efforts, clearing the air on some myths regarding the use of these steroids. We will address some of these widespread myths.

They result in baldness

If you observe professional bodybuilders, most of them do not have hair on their heads. Although it is a personal choice, the public has chosen to interpret this differently. Baldness is an inherited gene, one that cannot be planted by using steroids. The increased levels of testosterone hormones resulting from use of steroids therefore do not cause baldness. Although hair loss has been reported as one of the side effects of muscle building steroids, chances of it catapulting to extreme baldness are minimal.

They are quick-fix pills/injections

Many people who buyanabolics on sale at Steroids for Sale USA bodybuilding site do so with great expectations. Some of those seeking to burn excess fat use cutting stack steroids with the hope of seeing instant results in the absence of routine workout. Sorry for disappointing you, but it does not work that way. Similarly, bulking stack steroids do not yield results overnight.

Several factors come into play where the efficacy of muscle steroids is involved. It is worth noting that anabolic steroids simply accelerate the synthesis of proteins within the body system. As such, they do not serve as alternatives to proper dieting. To enjoy the full benefits of these steroids, health experts recommend regime dieting and intense training.

Steroids shrink your manhood

You have probably heard this rumour before. The issue of trading off the size of the penis for muscles is one void of scientific basis. However, it is worth observing that intake of muscle steroids temporarily blocks the production of natural testosterone, which might result indegeneration of the testes. This can result inshrinking of the testes during and shortly after a steroid cycle. Normalcy will resume once natural production of testosterone hormone resumes. As far as this goes, the highlighted part is the only one affected by the use of steroids. Any other effect on unmentioned parts is purely mythical.

Use of steroids is a predisposing factor for prostate cancer

There is no scientific evidence to prove this as well. Those using steroids simply have higher testosterone levels. It is yet to be proven whether those in such conditions are pre-disposed to this type of cancer. So like the rest of the myths surrounding the use of muscle building steroids, it remains a myth.

Many people who desire to use steroids are held back by myths. While there are genuine concerns regarding the use of muscle steroids, unfounded rumours shouldn’t form the basis of using or staying away from these drugs.

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