5 Signs That You Are A True Foodie

Posted by Bose Saheli
October 28, 2017

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Can you buy happiness? If you say it’s a no then you are partially correct. So, you must be thinking I am playing it safe by putting up diplomatic statements! Not at all. I agree that you can’t buy happiness, but you can definitely buy food which can make you happy! For the foodies out there, food is equivalent to happiness! Pizza, ice cream, waffle, doughnut…I am sure by now your eyes must be gleaming with joy, and you have already started to picturise these delicacies, and have begun craving for them. Hold on! Give a pause! You can’t call yourself a foodie unless you have met the checklist that I have in store for you.

Here we go…



  • You are a food guide to your friends


Google or Zomato – They are a big flop when compared to your knowledge regarding the latest food trends! You are the only one to rely upon when it comes to suggesting your squad about trying the latest food trend.



  • You have nothing to talk about except food


Be it a random subject matter, do you always find yourself ending up talking about food? Congrats! So, you rule the second checkpoint!



  • You have explored almost all the eating joints you could


Be it the samosa wala next to your lane or the lavish Taj, you never put barriers to exploring!

No matter how hectic your schedule is, you always manage to take out time to visit the newly opened restaurant in the vicinity or maybe miles away. You are damn too loyal about it. After all, food is your first love!



  • Dieting is a big ‘NO’


Hearing a gossip on pasta, burritos, fries or just a plate of paani puri is enough to make you crave for them. Then dieting is not a cup of tea for you. Good going! You are just one step ahead to make you call yourself a real foodie!



  • You love watching cooking shows rather than daily soaps


Game of Thrones, F.R.I.E.N.D.S…Have got no clue what am I talking about? For you always find yourself tuning up to a cooking show like Master Chef and so on! Congrats! That’s when you can call yourself a real foodie!


Wondering you have got some extra qualities that makes you the real foodie of your squad?

Before grabbing another bite of your burger, be quick to type the foodie quality in you down in the comments section. Let’s see if you can beat the real foodie of the town!

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