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6 Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Flat in Elite Housing Complex

Posted by greenfieldcity
October 26, 2017

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The Kolkata born Software engineer Atul Gupta was living in the U.S for last 25 years with his family. He had been tinkering with the idea of coming back to his homeland from last 3 years after his retirement from the service in 2014. As the most non resident Indians (NRI) feel when they thought of coming back to their country, Gupta kept pushing this idea aside.

Though his back to the roots sentiments were very strong but he was not sure that he will find a property in India in tune with the life style that he enjoyed in US. In 2016 he came to know about elite housing complexes in Kolkatta through one of his friend in US and it was then when he decided to move back to India. And after purchasing an apartment in one of the elite housing complexes in Kolkata, he realized that how builders in Behala Kolkatta have transformed the Kolkatta into world class luxury havens.

He is not the only NRI Who has so far invested in elite housing complexes in Kolkatta, thousands of NRIs have moved back to India in the last one decade. And most of the credit for it goes to builders in Behala kolkata who came up with affordable elite housing complexes in kolkata for the people of India.

A decade or two back, these NRI would not even speak of coming back to India. But time has changed. Now maximum people in India prefer to purchase a property in elite housing complexes in kolkata.

If you too are willing to purchase a property in an elite housing complex in India, then here are some useful tips for you. You should remember these six things before pouring out your cash otherwise you may have to repent later.

1. Is the Builder Just Selling You a Dream or It Is Really a Property Worth to Buy

You will have to first verify that the builder is not duping you in the name of a luxury property because these days most builders are using this luxury tag just to increases the desired value of their party. So never get carried away by a mere tag of luxury on the property until you estimate the value of it personally. The glossy brochure does not guarantee that the property will offer you elite kind of facilities.

2. Specify Your Needs

Just specify your needs, do you need a swimming pool, roof top or personal, if yes, then select a property that offers you all these basic amenities.

3. Location Is the Most Important Factor

When it comes to select a property, the location is the most important factor that you should lay much emphasis on. The location of the property will have a significant impact on your life style. You should give more precedence to location over the other whistles and bells. The elite housing complex should have hospitals, schools, and better road connectivity. It should not be too far away from the Airport, Metro and railway station.

4. Should Be Away From Away From the Crowded Spots

The elite housing complex should be reasonably away from the crowded spots, noise, pollution and traffic jams. Though there is no rule set in stone for a perfect location but the listed factors strike a right balance between connectivity and good ambience.

5. Types Of Amenities

The basic amenities elite housing complex offers will define your life style. The property should provide you the maximum comfort, cutting edge facilities, multiple marking, Wi-Fi, fast elevators, 24 hour security and surveillance and so on. In addition there should be facilities like ATMs salon, grocery stores and clubs etc. In short everything should be available in the vicinity.

6. Research About Would Be Neighbors

Friends can be changed but neighbors can’t be changed, so conduct a little bit of research on the people who are supposed to be your would be neighbors. If they are good people, they can form a good companion for you. You should love the company of your neighbors.


The tips listed above will set you on the right foot when look for a property in the elite housing complexes in Kolkatta worthy of your hard earned money. It is always advisable to consult honest, reliable and trusted builders in Behala kolkata. And do not forget to consult a reliable property dealer for professional guidance.

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