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He is versatile and depicts social issues and taboos, beautifully in a poetic manner.

Posted by Rabiya Varcie
October 17, 2017

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The growing trend of Open mic poetry is  creating a dearth of Poets who rule the world of Metaphors. One such artist, who still has the old world charm of putting pen to paper is Sameer Khan, the published poet, of the book ‘Eerie Edges’. He,  is one  artist, who beautifully expresses the emotions and feelings using metaphors that touch your soul. ‘Eerie Edges’, is a book that talks about mental heath issues like anxiety and depression, His poem ‘The damaged’ is a beautiful rendition of overcoming that feeling of loneliness. The fear of life, fear of losing hope, are real emotions and this poet has beautifully taught us how to express and fight them with dignity. 
IndiaTv News take on ‘EERIE EDGES’ : ” If you’re a lover of poetry, prose and tiny tales, then this book is a complete package for you. “
Source: IndiaTv News
A Lore of Rainbows’ by Sameer Khan, is a series about accepting ourselves for who we are. This series, is dedicated to the LGBTQ community. their strife of finding love within the society and within themselves.
IndiaTv News quoted : ” This series of poem echoes the sentiments of LGBT community with great vehemence “
Source: IndiaTv News
His another series ” A series, dedicated. To ‘Her’ ” is a description of the beauty of an unknown her, it is so magical that one realizes how beauty can be described just by using metaphors.
Source: Sameer khan’s website.
His latest series ‘A Chestnut of Cuddles and Cares’ perfectly describes the excitement of long distance relationships. The joy, patience, excitement and bliss of meeting that special person is captured magically, by Sameer Khan. This poet is a true literary artist in today’s world of performing artists. As a bibliophile, I’m happy to find someone who writes for passion and not for fame.
a chestnut of cuddles and care
About the Author: Sameer Khan
Source: IndiaTv News

Sameer Khan, a poet/author, with his poems and writings, is determined to make the world a better place to live in. He mainly portrays emotions and for which every human can relate to.


Direct link to Sameer Khan’s social media accounts are:

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