A Quick Journey Through the Must See Places Near Kochi

Posted by Anju Arun
October 12, 2017

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kerala tour Packages to Kochi

Kerala is a place where each district in it surprises the travel enthusiasts with the beautiful destinations in it. On taking a trip through this land which stuns the tourists with every step, one gets to escape into the wilderness of nature. I have always been a nature enthusiast who has recurrently fallen for the peace such destinations give to the mind and soul. So for the second time, I decided to travel to Kerala to enjoy its aura with the Best Kerala tour packages, but this time my visit was to the most famous place, Kochi.

Kerala trip to Thattekad

As an international airport is located at Kochi, it was easy for me and my friends to reach our destination. The city seemed to shimmer in the moonlight until we reached our hotel that had been booked through our tour planners, Holiday mango Travel. We spend the night in the comfort of monsoon and the next day, set off to Thattekad Bird Sanctuary. Housing a wide variety of birds in the sanctuary, this place is a must visit for all the bird watchers. The variety of birds that I got to see inside the sanctuary where Yellow-browed bulbuls and Cormorants. I did not know the names of the rest of the species that had been flying around. But friends camera was having a great fiesta on being at this destination. The trees that were home to these birds were all humongous and age-old. The guide who had been with us had been trying to explain to us various things regarding the park in between which he said this sanctuary is also a cuckoo paradise as a variety of this bird could be seen here.

Walking through the trail, I could hear a lot of sounds coming from all the directions. The birds were quite comfortable with human presence probably because they were used to it. We walked for almost two hours and took several stops where the bird lovers had been observing them through binoculars. Migratory birds also reside here during the particular seasons. In some time we got out of the place while the rest of them who had been with us walked through further. Approximately 5 hours was required to explore the sanctuary.

Kerala trip to Bhoothathankettu

Bhoothnathkettu Dam which was located close by was our next destination for visit. Driving through the forests, we reached the dam. Pedal boats had been there on which we decided to go on a short cruise. The jungle was what we could see on the sides of the dam. Advisory boards had already been out there that the boats were not to be taken to a longer distance due to which we quickly got back.

kerala trip to Cherai beach

Later, we went for some lunch at a restaurant. Tender coconuts were being sold in front of the restaurant from where all of us ordered two each. After hogging in some spicy delicious prawns roast and Ghee rice, we set off to the Cherai Beach. We had booked a resort in this beach where we would be spending the second night of our trip. As all of us belonged to Jaipur, we were more fond of beaches. On taking this Amazing Jaipur to Kerala tour packages we were at greater bliss. Even though there were beaches we never got to play games on the shore as they are always crowded. The sun had started to set and we were served with our welcome drinks when we were sitting outside feeling the breeze. If it had been Jaipur, we would have had to sit among the crowd.

After walking along the coastline for some time, we got back to the resort to spend some time playing snooker which had been provided inside the room. After an eventful game, we went to the swimming pool and had a great pool time as well. Almost all sort of luxury was provided inside the resort. The food served was lip-smacking as well. They had taken orders from us when we had come due to which everything that was favourite to us was served on the table. The night went by in the best ever way where we got to eat our desserts sitting on the sandy shores, watching the stars. We also got up early to watch the sunrise where we spend an hour gazing at the beautiful sight that had happened in front of us.

We packed our bags and set back to visit Fort Kochi. The significance of this place belonged to the times when the Jews resided in the region. In fact on walking through the place, I could the vibe of a well-maintained place. The shops and the interiors of the shops had all been remaining in the Dutch style. This place was hence a great location to shoot as well as capture the moments. We were dropped at the Fort Kochi Beach where a lot of tourists had been walking along the walkway. People talking in various languages could be seen there as well. We took a long stop at the street shops that had been selling various things. In some time we had got a plenty of things that made a remark about the culture of the place. A lot of food was also being sold on the beach. We went to the Chinese fishing nets which were a technique to catch fish. It had been installed at Kerala in the ancient past. The people had been catching quite a lot of fish and selling it to the tenders. We got some fresh juices from the open restaurant that had been there and walked to our vehicle.

kerala trip to marine drive

We drove to the Jew Town which seemed to be much better for shopping. They had beautiful silk cloths which always fascinated me. I walked through the whole place, shopped from the Iranians and got into a shop that had a lot of showpiece items. Each of it, as per the shop owner, belonged to Kerala’s culture. In some time we were at a famous restaurant nearby which sold amazing mutton biriyani. Even though the wait was long, it was worth the effort we had taken. The place seemed to be quiet during the noons. We got into the car and decided to go to Marine drive.

There was nothing special about the Marine drive as it was the same walkway and benches that made the people come here during all the evenings. I had taken a trip from Surat when I had been residing there during my college days. I went to the Marine drive at Mumbai which also had similar vibes. The Stunning surat to Kerala tour packages would hence be sort of similar to the trip we had been having. But the present post-monsoon season of Kerala is considered to be the best season for travelling which is not possible in other metropolitan cities. A lot of people came to place as the evening got darker.

We went to Durbar art gallery which was the last destination of our travel. Archaeological findings were the main showcased item inside. The lawn that had been outside the hall was impressive and a place for the tourists to wait. We walked through each thing inside the gallery and got back to the car which had been waiting to drop us back at the airport. Kerala always seemed to astonish all the travellers due to the warm journey it offers to all the travellers. I knew that I would come back the third time as well because a traveller never gets tired of exploring.

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