A Tribute to The Undying Spirit Of The gardeners

Posted by Riya Roy
October 19, 2017

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On this auspicious day of Lakshmi puja, let this video brighten your day. We've worked really hard on this video (Vijay Henry Rai Riya Roy Neeraj Chhetri) trying to capture the beauty of our motherland in all her glory. This is a story about a tea garden that has served the world well with its aromatic tea produced by a lot of tenacious people. Let's be proud to call ourselves a resident of THE DOOARS.

Posted by Vijay Henry Rai on Wednesday, October 18, 2017


Today I’ll tell you a story

A story of desperation
But also one of dissent.
Of a world that has refused to change
Of a world that resembles the past
In not how a mole on a wrinkled face
Speaks of a beauty it once held
In not how the mirror reflects sometimes
Flashes of a person that once stood
In front of her.
This world of the gardens
Has refused to join time in its course
And is much like
A person
Listening to a melody on loop
With eyes closed
Only to open them
To find
That the world around
Has moved on
Days, years, even decades have passed by.
Traversing the rays of a sun
That doesn’t
Belong to an October sky
I reach
A spread of blissful green
Where a calm
Slowly walks its way
Through my eyes
Into my heart
I think I could get used to it
Would I like it, I think not.
The peace here
Does not deny difficulty
I am smart enough to know that
In fact
The quietness comes from
Bearing what is
I see women
Pick leaves and walk plots
Half of their own weight
On shoulders
Humming a tune
Of a life
That isn’t quite like what they sing
Of now.
Their memories of places and people
Belongs to a time
That has bid them goodbye
Light years ago.
I walk 
Into a structure 
That holds
A carcass 
Of what was once
A coveted vocation
To find workers 
Toiling for nine revolutions
Of the minute hand
To get paid
A hundred and forty five. 
We see leaves being withered
But what we don’t 
Is how the leaves
Tell a story 
Of the lives 
In this factory. 
Seasons change 
But every day 
Looks the same 
For people 
In here 
Grinding themselves
To serve us our everyday brew
A brew that will
Start a conversation somewhere
While someplace else
It will shatter the walls of one’s loneliness.
Some people will find magic
In its fragrance
While others will speak of the solace
In its taste
But none will speak about
The lives that wilt away
To let us have some tea
Sipping on which we talk about
Happier things.
Featured image source: Riya Roy

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