Acid Test

Posted by Santa Santosh Avvannavar
October 14, 2017

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‘Avoid Doing Things To Forsake, At Least Do It To For A Sake Of’

We live largely in hypothetical societies that believe in logic, theories and answers to each thing happening around us. I am saying this because of an acid test that made me think if I did education to forsake or for sake of doing it. Two people were invited for an interview for a position of a junior researcher. I had done chemical engineering and other candidate was a chemist by education. A panel member asked us a first question; do you pour acid to water or vice-versa? Sweat began to form on the brow with no icebreaker questions. In hurried not to loose an opportunity, I rose up to say, ‘one would pour water to acid’ and other candidate simultaneously rose to call out, ‘pour acid to water’. I knew there was blunder to my hurriedness to answer and receive a pat of being an engineer! After few questions, we were asked to sit outside to let us know our result. I knew my result!

The result didn’t astonish me, but the overheard talks among the interview panel members. One of the panel members who also an engineer by profession but from non-chemist and non-chemical background was asked to guess – among two interviewee’s who is chemist and who is chemical engineer? To this the panel member replied, the first one is chemical engineer and second one is chemist. The member reasoned out, the second one is chemist because of experimentation and curiosity (innovation) sake. While the first is definitely a chemical engineer because of manual and marks sake. I wondered if the interview was designed for us or for the panel member!

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