adorn yourself with the festivity of lights not firecrackers!

Posted by Raunak Dey
October 11, 2017

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                 To my novice, lets not make Diwali a festivity under a gloomy polluted one. the statistical data says that in India we celebrate around 151 festivals every year. Diwali is an auspicious festival celebrated across India and the world with embellished love,care and enthusiasm which is highly eulogistic in the holy Hindu calendar. I am not in the blues that the SC have had banned the use of firecrackers in Delhi.

                   to some it may be a biased decision but I go to the guns with the decision elapsed by the SC. Well, according to statistical data the air pollutant in Delhi had its air pollutant rise up up to 42 than its normal value. A compound called “strontium” causes deadly respiratory diseases and may cause blood clotting diseases. The pollution level seems to rise about 30%more. A nightmare beckons the animals as those loud explosions by firecrackers affects them as they are 140-150 db and is sensitive to human hearing too causing damage to our ears imminently. 

                     the old people usually are in a guardian knot situation as they get disturbed with the busty sounds of the loud firecrackers. According to WHO, India is the leading country with the most respiratory diseases. Simultaneously, more over 80% of the people contribute in firecracker industry and under that there are many children who are victims of unemployment get employment there. So asthma and TB are prevalent to them.

                        Let not Diwali be a pompous show, let be a festival worth an ecstatic one out of love where we must cherish in lighting our houses with lights,diyas,candles,celebrate the festival with the old age or orphanage, indulge in family,friend togetherness and sweet delicacies . So an earnest request that we must celebrate this Diwali without any bursting of firecrackers but may we reach our endeavor  by lighting our houses to spread Diwali message as a sign of festivity celebrated to adorn goodness over evil. 


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