An Asexual living in a sexual world

Posted by siddhant trimbakkar
October 10, 2017

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So before anyone asks what Asexual is I’ll say it: Asexual means that I am not interested in sexual relations. Depending on where you read/ heard about it, Asexual’s can get aroused, but they don’t go into Lust mode. So forgive me if i take people’s consideration into account rather than please my Libido.

So imagine my surprise that people still think that Asexual means that I am a celibate of my own choice. It’s not, and people bug the hell out of me. Whats wrong in being Asexual? Just because I’m not interested in sex I’m not man enough? Just because I’m don’t think that the girls people find hot are not my taste I’m not a man? If people can accept the LGBT community then guess what we are part of the LGBT community even if they choose to ignore us. (Look it up).

And to the LGBT Community:

The assumption that asexual people do not experience oppression and that any prejudice, discrimination or discomfort we experience is not ‘as bad’ as theirs, which I think is odd because queerness is not — or should not be — defined by negative experiences.On top of that, we actually do experience many of these things. When we have a “coming out” period we struggle with discrimination and alienation too.

If there’s any Asexual reading this don’t be afraid we Ace’s stick together help each other out.

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