An Episode

Posted by Vibhuti A
October 7, 2017

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An episode ~building blocks

How does these episodes start?

How long does these stay?

Why do they even occur?

We control our body, so why it is so difficult to control our mind?

Does it happen to everyone?

In the modern era of growth, why do these episodes feel like a giant rock holding us down?

When did we became so weak that we cannot even hold ourselves from falling into bits and pieces?

Why do these episodes visit us so often?

There can be numerous questions about it and endless number of thoughts but the most important one is –

How can we overcome them?


One day you are sitting there as a happy person you are doing your daily activities suddenly something happens to you someone/something/some incident triggers a part inside you. You get affected by it, at first you don’t realize about it, you will think it will pass, in some cases it does but in some it is the starting of the formation of a BUILDING in which just the ground floor has been laid. You first try to ignore it but it comes back to you with greater power, slowly and slowly you may not be affected by that first thing that happened but it had formed the ground floor, and had made rooms of self doubt, self loath, hatred, insecurities, anxiety and a lot more. You may not recognize it then but as more and more bad experiences keep happening to you or you start “feeling” too much, more floors our laid on that building and with each floors the number of rooms increases.


It leads to the formation of a different kind of you, one you could have never expected from yourself. You limit yourself, you stop being YOU, you are suffering and you don’t even recognize it, many times you are just there numb- feeling nothing or everything at the same time, you start behaving differently without making an effort as in this change in you is a part of your body cycle(completely normal), you are building up that building now brick by brick and you don’t even realize it. There are thousands of ways to put it out of how miserable you get but the worst thing is it becomes your habit you start finding comfort in it. I believe there are two sides in a human- the one side who is matured enough to know things and the other who is just there simply there doing things and sometimes even driven automatically by them. But it needs to stop, the building needs to be broken, that anger within you which at times is angry with people or things or your own self, use that anger to break that goddamn building. How? Every building is made of different structures or kinds but the BRICKS which complete it is common for all. So break it brick by brick. Regain that lost power in you, regain the lost you in you with each brick you will feel stronger and confident and more importantly more you and eventually when you will get that whole building down you will make wonders happen.


It will not be an easy path to overcome those episodes but the way you can look at it is how much there is to lose and so much more to gain and there is nothing wrong with trying, even if you fail which you might but with each try you would know better so don’t treat them as failures but treat it as one more step closer to your wonder, better enough to try again, better enough to try harder, better enough to make wonder happens. The most beautiful wonder which you will obtain of them all will be your own happiness and peace!

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