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Ancient India,the land of entrepreneurs.

Posted by Ajay Morab
October 14, 2017

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It won’t be wrong to say that we all belong to the clan of entrepreneurs. Our great grandfathers and the older generation never used to work in any MNCs.
Following the dreams and chasing the passion was considered to be an honourable stuff as there was very little room (or rather no room) for talks like log kya kahenge.
Then came the era where we were ruled by the Britishers for several decades, it created such a huge impact on the people that they started doubting their own capabilities. Britishers left India but also left an impression in the minds of the people to doubt their own capabilities.
People were manufactured with loads of books and other materials for several years until they are ready to compete in the rat race.
Entrepreneurship, the tradition faded away as it was replaced by a whole new tradition that of the rat race.
Chasing the passion, once an honourable stuff was now considered as insane. Very fewer people continued that tradition and others looked up to them and prepared themselves for the rat race to work under them.
People had stopped thinking by themselves and even the thoughts were delivered to them by their ancestors as to Me and You!
History Repeats, quoted someone, indeed.
People call it as transformation, beginning of a new era but the transformation had happened long back, the day when the rat race culture had begun. Now instead of transforming themselves, the young generation is moving back to their old tradition which their ancestors used to follow, the tradition that had faded away, the tradition of Entrepreneurship.
Today, India is considered as the country with the fastest number of growing start-ups. Rat race transformation has stopped and the old tradition has again begun.
The tradition of being an Entrepreneur.

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