ANTI HINDU MEDIA:Race for Secularism

Posted by redpandachamp
October 18, 2017

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Common people in India blame politicians for lot of things. But in my opinion media is the most corrupt and dangerous to Bharat. They have Anti-Hindu agenda and some people spoke to me that many news channels are funded by Arabs. Well I do not know details about funding. I will prove my point with some examples!

Dadri became the center of secularism especially for media cameras. It was said that a man named Akhalaiq is killed because of beef. I will never justify a murder but our media houses became judge in this case and maligned Hindus saying all are Talibanis! BJP MP Yogi Adityanath said he has connections with Pakistan and went to Pak without proper procedures and visa. No agency had time to investigate that angle. 1000s of terror case has no religion but on this case Hindu religion was targeted and Akhlaiq became symbol of secularism in media galleries!

A cow saver activist Prashant Poojary was murdered brutally and 4 muslim men were arrested. But seeing the media reaction I thought it was a secular murder and  that is why no big prime time shows! He was a  poor man and never got financial help from Govt unlike Akhalaiq who was rewarded with gifts and accessories to enlighten secularism in media and political world. I just want to ask a question! Why a cow saver not treated as animal lover but a staunch Hindu? Poojary was a man who took care of many cows and saved many from slaughter houses. I can understand politician behavior but so called neutral media never had time to highlight his family’s trouble!


Let us see another instance. Terrorism has no religion but when terrorist is sentenced to death suddenly religion pops out. Yes I am talking about Yakub Memon hanging! Owaisi was given lot of chance to defend the terrorist and media was pleased on that.


But media was religiously defending human rights. When terrorists die suddenly leftists and media starts their human rights trumpet. Many brave soldiers are brutally killed by terrorists. Are they not human? Why no prime time shows in soldier’s case. Many lawyers came out to defend terrorist even though he was convicted by the Supreme court. I feel angry on seeing such instances!

I can give many more instances. Media never serious about Assam riots 2012 where more than 72 Hindus were killed or situation of Bengal. Love Jihad was not coined by any Hindu organization but came from Kerala and people must read judgements of Kerala High Courts. Media always said about 2002 but a channel now in 2016 spoke about people burned alive in Sabarmati Express! And yes our secular media sometimes tried to justify Hindu genocide in Kashmir.

I cannot say clearly why media is Anti Hindu but many instances prove it! Many say that they are funded by Saudi Arabia. I like social media because every view get  a chance to be noticed. Not just Indian media even people from west complain that their media is corrupt!

I just want to say to my readers only believe those news which have clear cut video or Govt paper evidence. Social media is the fifth strong pillar of Democracy which is replacing languishing and corrupt so called fourth pillar-Media!

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