Are You Serious? Entrepreneurship?

Posted by Snehal Deshpande
October 11, 2017

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When I started the journey as an entrepreneur the best thing happened to me, my parents never asked Why Entrepreneurship?

Nobody questioned doesn’t mean That was easy. We learn ethics, rules , process and practical truth about business during our masters and graduations. But today let me tell you the emotional truth about business.

Self Conflict – There are times when things go wrong or things screw up, we tend to doubt ourselves, our decisions & actions. The only thing you can do here is trust yourself again & again with the courage to move forward.

Yes/No – While making any decisions in this journey you will be crushed between Yes or No. Its tough, isnt it?
Remember, In business there is no GREY, there is either WHITE or BLACK.

I, Me, Myself – Business is never a one man show, It’s a WE game. You will be soon dealing with humans & not machines. It’s not as simple as hanging out with friends, the toughest job in the whole journey is people management.
Always remember the way you treat them, they will treat your business the same.

Yes Sir ….Ok Sir – Learn to say No. We have always heard that Client is KING, do not forget you Yes Sir Ok Sir will 100% lead to internal team damages. You have to say NO wherever and whenever required, because YOU KNOW BETTER.

Ummm Money – Do not compromise on your brand quality over money, at times when things are new we become desperate to crack the deals and we do not think on whether or whether not to close this particular client. Once you degrade your brand status by cracking an unwanted deal just for money , trust me the whole journey ahead will be full of compromises. Choose your clients wisely.

This was all about the emotional truth in entrepreneurship, please do share your thoughts on the same.



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