Basic requirements for a high school franchise

Posted by Sahil Srivastava
October 3, 2017

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Education without a doubt in today’s world is the most efficient, sustainable and profitable business. With many people expressing their desire to invest in starting a school, many are not able to follow through the plan because of  lack of resources, networking or proper support. Investing into starting a school and owning franchise for high school is a task that requires time and effort both.

It might look like a difficult task but owning a high school franchise is not an impossible task altogether. With educational sector and companies related to it offering proper consultancy and guidance to those seeking to start a school, there has been a rise in entrepreneurs looking to invest in this sector.


Entrepreneurs who are in a lookout for purchasing high school franchise can research thoroughly about the various educational groups that helps with the procedure of setting up a school before going ahead with the investment.

With educational brands growing significantly, they have not only made the business models for owning a school economical but their practical methods have turned the business into a profitable and successful prospect for years to come.

With several companies offering great service at considerable prices, school franchise is no more a difficult business venture to invest in.


With the statistics pouring in there’s a need for more than 130,000 schools by 2022. The education industry further is estimated at worth around INR 5.9 trillion and aims at significant growth in the coming years. With 140 million children still in need of schools in india, investing in becoming a franchise owner for high school is not only a rewarding deed but will bring social prestige and will also present opportunities for life time growth along with lifetime returns.


The following elements presents itself as basic requirements in owning a franchise for high school

  1. Infrastructure-  A safe and secure building and surroundings that provides an environment that is educating, safe and conducive for students and staff.
  2. Operations- smooth functioning of the school while meeting the criteria of quality education and focus on student centric development
  3. Marketing – the need for customised market strategies that would put your school on the map and would make your school a popular choice amongst parents and their kids.
  4. Technology – With the world becoming compact and technology taking over. It is important that the school is technologically well equipped and offers a digital curriculum that makes learning fun and engaging.
  5. Finance- With as big as a venture of starting a school, it’s important to plan and execute the budgets and have a sound financial planning system.
  6. Human Resources- once you’ve set up the school, the next thing your organisation would need is people with right set of knowledge and skills.
  7. Training – It’s important that the teachers teaching in the school are capable and well trained in order to understand and treat the abilities of each child individually.
  8. Academics- School needs to be affiliated to a standard board in order to have a well established curriculum.

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