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Be sure who we are & where are we living

Posted by Ashutosh Jha
October 3, 2017

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India is a Democratic country where everyone has right to speak & choose way of living. Unfortunately our society’s peoples are seperated as per cast, as per politics, as per concept, as per religion, as per some different unity and so on….

But these things are really good for us that different people work towards helping each other and trying to get and give required benefits to their community. But other side we are harassing other peoples who are not in our community. We never think that everyone Has family, friends and they are struggling because our one activity.

We never think about others.

I am surprised to see our Leaders who showing us road map they are also on same page, they also look for their benefit only. We are paying tax to run this country smooth, but when we choose leaders to lead us,  they never think that these money earned by us by our hard work, by our knowledge. They start misusing our money, they enjoy. And we are surviving.

Their language are disaster, A father never speak such languages front of kids, because they would learn same thing. A PM, CM, President are parents of country and they never think that what massage sending to mass and youth.

If anybody taking wrong way, this is due to our leaders, due to our parents. People are dying by hunger, they unable to pay loan. And leaders take decision for making money, which money earned by us, by we common man. But we have no right to take decision.

Very Sad.

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