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Be the Change : Hinduism.

Posted by Vedika Aum
October 3, 2017

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Today once again a misguided Hindu, defended the Hindu right to burst crackers on Diwali and the environment be damned. Arguments range from fanaticism to…..well fanaticism.

eg :

Using airconditioners or cars or etc etc isn’t damaging for the environment ? And so on…
While I admit, the gadgets & appliances we use do harm the environment but purposely doing something harmful, in the name of religion?? Just to stick your tongue out at those who think differently, just because it satisfies some dark corner of your mind?? Choosing misguided notions over one’s own and loved ones’ health??
How can that make any sense in anyone’s head?? To top it all, such fanatic reasoning is not helping Hinduism in any way! It’s in fact rubbing people the wrong way, making even many a proud Hindu turn away by such nonsensical beliefs & perhaps ‘your’  Hinduism itself ( if this silliness & hatred is what our wonderful ‘ ism’ is all about).

Instead Why not change your stance?Why not highlight the good & constructive points about Hinduism instead of showcasing this destructiveness as a tenet of Hinduism? Or comparing it with the wrongs of other religions and somehow feeling superior.

Is this how you want our religion to be portrayed and seen by the world??
By doing this, the so called nationalistic devout Hindus, are in fact damaging their own cause – that of upholding Hinduism.
How can you build something positive when your entire premise/foundation of your understanding about your own religion is negative & destructive??
Bana rahe ho ya bigaad rahe ho???

“Wo kare to raas Lila, hum karein to character dheela” – this argument is in fact not an argument at all! It’s what nursery school kids do – usne mujhe maara to mai bhi usse maarunga. This is plain juvenile behaviour!
Grow up, think big and talk about the inherent beauty of Hinduism – which is a way of life, more than anything else.

Talk about its all encompassing diversity, it’s teaching of forgiveness and acceptance, it’s tenets on living a healthier life, an all inclusive life. Of how we had the foresight and strength to change with the changing times by abolishing Sati system, by standing against – the dowry system, the mis- treatment of widows, the ostracising of ovulating girls/women (mensuration), of polygamy, and many such humanitarian steps. Let us strengthen our stand for just causes – the much needed change against female foeticide/infanticide, patriarchal suppression of the sons and daughters and more.

Please please stop maligning the beauty of the actual Hindu thought by manipulating it to fit your hatred, unfulfilled dreams, inferiority complex, unlived love and life, envy, jealousy and greed. It’s you who needs to grow .

Hinduism is not a weakling which needs such destructive support in the name of nationalism or loyalty. Let us spread it’s positives , which will preserve its sanctity and reinforce the historical standing it has enjoyed since centuries.

Let us breathe and live, easier. Let the change for the good begin with us. Let us emulate Hinduism, by becoming the harbinger of change for the betterment of our society, country and humanity by leading by example. Let us be the ” change we want to see”. And create beautiful history.


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