Beautiful Soul

Posted by Preeti Singh
October 23, 2017

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World through my eyes 👁👁

Q. Is love important in marriage?
Q. But is love the same between married couple throughout their lives?
A. Definitely “YES”..

Thinking how can I be so sure about it??

Well, while traveling down a 25km one way journey in a metro you get to explore a different world of new folks.. One such I came across today.

In the whole bunch of youth and professionals going to schools/colleges and offices, I see two fully grey hairs head peeping through one corner of the metro. Soon I witnessed this couple was aged in late 70’s, wrinkled faces, grey hairs, weak in health but still charming.. What was unusual among this couple was there love for each other even by now. I so guessed that they had spent all there lives in Delhi, as each station crossed they shared, remembered, smiled, laughed openly something or the other about themselves. It looked like two old friends talking to each other as there own soul. The man was holding the hands of his beloved so firmly yet so tight as he don’t want her to go anywhere. They were chit chatting in there own small world containing just two of them, completely maintaining that eye contact to each other. The man still behaved like a young guy protecting his better half from all the flaws around, while the women leaned her head on his shoulder and slept for a while care free, as she knew that her man will take care of her as always. They sipped the water from the same bottle one by one, and as any normal couple would do they wiped those extra droplets dropping from the lips of one another. While there station came, the man stood up first,holds the hand of the lady and takes her safely to the exit gate. No where in the entire journey I found them bare handed..They continuously kept there hands tied with one another.

The entire glimpse was so mesmerising and adorably cute that they made an impact in my mind and heart that I will cherish for my lifetime..they were true example of a couple who loved, lived, fought, struggled, yet PROMISED TO STAY. May god bless all such beautiful souls.

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