Biased Judiciary of India

Posted by redpandachamp
October 20, 2017

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Dictates of Supreme Court in National capital certainly has one deep effect. It has lost respect of common masses. The ban on crackers which is certainly till 1 Nov 2017 raises eyebrows that are Christmas and New year spared from dictates just because they are Non-Hindu festivals. Even New Year is celebrated by Hindus but the problem with judiciary is they can only see core Hindu traditional festivals.

Many may target Yogi Govt for celebrating Ramayan in Ayodhya but the media was not vocal enough when Akhilesh Yadav Govt spend money on Safai Mahotsav. Even courts were silent!

Media Judiciary and all those secular jokers never questioned money wasted on Iftaar party and Hajj subsidy. Its only Hindu festivals which are selectively targeted as Congress and many other secular parties literally Hate Hindu traditions.

When I was in class VI I read about Ghunghat being an oppression on women but I never read Burkha and Halala etc as evil practices towards women. Is secular brigade afraid of Muslims?

Have judges stopped using SUV cars ACs in their offices and homes? During Bakri Eid lot of water is wasted for cleaning dirt has Supreme Court ever though of banning slaughter of animals during Eid? Its the dirty Leftist education which is root cause of all problems!


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