Bigdi Hui Ladki ##

Posted by Moushumi Dey
October 15, 2017

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Hi everyone…. Most of the people around me tag me as bigdi hui ladki…. You know y bcoz…. I don’t care about what the world has to say about me.   This tag was first given to me when I had to first stand against my dad when he used to abusive on her.   I used to feel bad for behaving like that with my dad, as I loved him, but what is wrong is wrong,  whether it’s done by your elders or not.  Later I left home and started working at the age of 18 when my friends were struggling for getting admission in the best colleges.  It used to hurt me but I did this as my dad once told me to first show him how I can be independent and then to fight for my mom,  since then I have been staying out of my house.  Later when I got married I was in an abusive relationship. My husband all he cared was about my money and nothing else. I gave him a lot of chances but he was spending my money on friends and booze.   He was also sometimes violent on me.  At one time for money I had to literally beg on jewelry shops to sell my gold, which none of them was bothered about. I also gave birth to a baby girl, then I realized why am I suffering so much. If I don’t stand up  for myself then my baby will suffer too. I had a plan and I started staying away from my husband and later filed for divorce. Now when I go home at my mother’s place my relatives consider me as a BIGDI HUI LADKI . Most of then they don’t talk to me bcoz I have taken a decision to lead my life alone and lead my life on my own terms…. So I’m proud to be a BIGDI HUI LADKI.  Bcoz its making happy and I’m leading my life successfully.

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