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Braid chopping in Kashmir. Syed Karar Hashmi

Posted by Syed Karar Hashmi
October 4, 2017

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Sense of Insecurity and fear —Braid Chopping

Syed Karar Hashmi

The Braid Chopping Incidents reported in Kashmir have created a sense of uncertainty and fear in the minds of people. Such Incidents are a direct attack to tarnish and disempower the image of a women in a society. Dynamic theories and speculations are being shared on this subject but reality is some thing different. The first Braid Chopping incident were happened between May -June 2017 , later happened in almost every part of India especially in the state of Bihar, Haryana, Utter Pradesh, Uttrakhand, Mumbai, Delhi and so on. In Mumbai due to insecurity and fear, Women used to sleep with helmets whole night. Police and different agencies have failed to brought the Instigator into the book till date.



Couple of days before a young boy from Village Watergam were beaten blue and black in North Kashmir Delina Baramulla in connection with the braid chopping. Later after police remand the said boy was an innocent and came to the village Delina to meet her Lover. These incidents can trigger civil war and unrest in the Kashmir. While dealing with such incidents nobody should reach out to the conclusions before holistic investigations. People and Police have to work in close coordination to eliminate this feary wave in the state. If more braid chopping incidents will happen ahead, people will not allow their daughters to go to the Institute.



Police have formed a Special Investigating Team (SIT) to investigate the incidents. Also a bounty of Rs 06 Lakh for providing any information about the mysterious Braid choppers. Matter is very serious and highlyb intelligence back up is being provided to the Criminals associated with braid chopping. The Victims in Kashmir claim that someone uses a spray to make them unconscious and later cuts of their golden hair. Using of spray and mass incidents in Kashmir division is a big conspiracy against Kaahmiris. Truth will come on the surface tomorrow or someday, but Few things to be done as a precautionary measure. The entry of baazigars, Scent sellers, beggars, feriwallas and street hawkers need to be banned in entire state of Jammu and Kashmir. Presence of outsiders in Kashmir is a risk and a sense of fear for outsider and Kashmiri both.


Be careful and don’t use emotions in dealing with the situations. Put the Hot line Numbers of police and other organizations and believe in the stanza as below :
“Respect all Suspect All “
Take a photograph of doubtful person in advance before interaction. That will help us to find him easily.


Syed Karar Hashmi
Social and RTI Activist from Central Kashmir Ganderbal District at Contemporary studying at Al Mustafa International University Qom Iran.

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