Braid Cutting

Posted by Umer Gul
October 7, 2017

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With increasing incidents of braid chopping there is an increasing number of innocent people who are caught by vigilant mobs accusing them of being braid choppers. These incidents are only because of the defunct government, who has failed to control these situations. It’s unfortunate that today we Kashmiri people( who are considered kind hearted people all over the globe) killed our own brother who was 70 year old, and the reason was that he was mistook as braid chopper by a vigilant mob. We condemn this action and appeal people to at least first let the people( whom they are accusing as braid chopper) speak out. We want to say that who so ever is actually behind these braid chopping incidents will never be forgiven by Kashmiri people and is an open enemy of Jammu Kashmir.

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