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But I promised myself, I will never look back.

Posted by Sunidhi Bhardwaj
October 5, 2017

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But I promised myself that I will never look back.

Life has changed from the day I stepped out of my college in the night crying, holding my heels in my hand, wanting him to call me and say that all what I heard is just a lie. I wanted him to say something, I remember I slapped him and the pain I still feel makes me feel horrible.

No, he is not my boyfriend. He is my friend. A very important friend of mine.

 A person I have Irritated so much, a person with whom I have shared best three years of my life. Somebody who has been my *BT for life and beyond * but that day life might have stopped and I went away.

The memories make me cry, those walks  near the T Point and those confessions in the basketball courts, when you first told me about a girl you loved and those voices are still so auditable to me of teasing you in the play ground while going back home.

I still have the rudraksh Mala that you gave me on my birthday saying that has been a lucky charm for you. I remember everything. Every small detail of it.

“But I also remember that I promised myself that I will never look back.
Holding those heels in my hand, crying my lungs out, holding my saare in anger and running away. “

I miss you but then I know I never went to come back. I cry and then I write to just feel that at least I have my notes that are always there to listen to the things I want to say.

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