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Candy benefits one’s body: Myth or Truth?

Posted by Rajat Sahoo
October 12, 2017

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Halloween is just around the corner, and soon people will be buying and giving out candy by the bunch. They will buy sweets, chocolates, toffees and all kinds and ranges of candy. People who generally don’t eat candy at all throughout the year will partake in this too, letting go of any guilt or inhibitions. Why does one feel

Why does one feel guilty about eating candy or indulging in their favourite chocolate anytime other time in the year? Is it because people believe that candy is bad or dangerous for their health? The answer to such questions can be many, but the most common ones include the idea that eating candy will cause diabetes, kidney problems, jittering, etc.

Throughout the decades, people have slowly started to recognize how candy benefits a person’s body. They have realized that if consumed correctly, it can have a vast array of positive effects on the human body. Knowing what one’s limit is and maintaining that limit when eating candy can negate any ill effects that consuming too much candy might have. Too much of any substance can be harmful to one’s body, but in moderation, one can visit a candy store much more often than they could have thought, buying their favourite candies.

How does candy benefit a person mentally and physically?

  1. Good for one’s heart:

    There are people who prefer to have sweets that aren’t, well, actually sweet. These people, who have developed a taste for dark chocolate instead, are more likely to enjoy its advantages. Dark chocolate is imbibed with antioxidants. Antioxidants are great for a person’s body, as they help in expelling any toxic, organic waste. The flavonoids found present in dark chocolate actively reduce the harm blood pressure does to one’s body and heart. As a result, dark chocolate benefits the heart or cardiovascular system of any person who starts to consume it in a timely manner.
  2. Reduces stress:

    Chewing gum is often looked down upon in offices or in classes. However, no one can deny the effect it has a on a person’s mind. From being simple and easy to get from a candy manufacturer, chewing gum has been recognized as a great way to reduce stress or anxiety.This is because the repetitive action one does while chewing, stimulates self-control in them while reducing stress. Having an increased serotonin level courtesy of chewing gum is also a great motivator.
  3. Improve Concentration:

    For having an increased focus or concentration, one should not forget to have some peppermint candy from time to time. A study has found that peppermint gum, candy or chocolate; each makes people or students who consume them, more alert and focused.This is very important for those students who want to keep their concentration levels high when giving an exam, or an employee during their presentation or management. People who are disinterested or unconnected will also feel suddenly active and interested in the work or process.
  4. Aids Digestion: 

    Candies made with peppermint extracts, or asafetida, and other such herbal or naturally healing properties help in aiding and improving digestion. Asafetida has natural stomach healing qualities. When one consumes candies which the candy manufacturer made with asafetida, they will feel reduced inflammation, stomach spasms, flatulence, etc.Peppermint extracts in mouth fresheners, chocolates and toffees can reduce indigestion, stomach disorders, gas in the stomach or intestine, bloating and much more. One can easily buy these medicinal but tasty treats to enjoy more candy benefits such as these.

  5. Honey or Ginger candies: 

    Chocolates or candies made with honey or ginger each have their individual as well as combined benefits. Honey toffee can contribute to a person’s weight loss as honey activates the liver in producing enzymes that utilize fat. Ginger candy is anti-inflammatory and can reduce respiratory problems like asthma, bronchitis, etc.Combined together, Honey and Ginger can help people reduce their headaches, cough and many more day to day, irritating sicknesses. This includes toothache, migraines, cold and sneezing, etc.

Apart from these major ways how Candy benefits a person, there is a slew of relatively small but positive effects of eating candy moderately. Often people feeling bad or depressed report feeling their mood uplifted after eating candy. They feel energised and all their willpower restored. It keeps them persevered if they are doing anything that’s mentally or physically taxing.

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