If You Want To Help Others On Your Next Birthday, Here’s What You Can Do

Posted by Our Better World in Society
October 26, 2017

Many of us have wanted to do something for the less fortunate on our birthdays, or on other special occasions in our lives. But sometimes, we don’t know where to begin.

Catherine Vital in Manila, Philippines can help you solve that dilemma and answer those questions. As the founder of MyBirthday Foundation, she helps those who wish to throw a party in support of a cause or individuals in need. Working with charities and institutions to plan these celebrations, MyBirthday Foundation helps people celebrate their birthdays with different segments of the society – children, prisoners, elderly or even specific causes that you may choose to rally behind.

Recalling an incident where someone was apologetic about only being able to donate sandwiches, she says, “For someone who doesn’t have anything to eat three times a day, that’s already a big deal.”

Those who sponsor the parties are also welcome to participate in the even and invite friends and family members along too.

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