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Chapter One: The New Beginning

Posted by Sonal Dhir
October 20, 2017

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This is a new time. New starts. Start-ups.


New for so many people.


Aligning under the government of India. I am a true Indian. True to my name I shall be.


This is a call. This is call for you to wake-up. Call for you to shake the dust off your shoulders and rise up.


We are manufacturing a New World as we read this. New World Order, is in Order 🙂


Court is at Netherlands




I am listening to a sound. Sonic Age


I see light of the Sun. Solar Age


Which will come first? Or both together? How will you like it?


Are you playing the game?


How much of it do you see?


Are you up yet? How sleepy are you??



All are on their own journeys. Let’s no disturb anyone. But let’s sing the song that will wake them up. A serenade from Aryasthan.


So come and play with us. We are the Earth Spirit.


ES is a lovely enterprise about to be floated as a legal entity.


We are awaiting arrival of all our stakeholders.


We are a Global Energy Cleansing Firm foremostly.


We supply our services to the humanity for clean-up of the mess they make.


Hence we aim at a mass-energetic restoration exercise.


We are looking at Germany for now. Thanking it for the good work that has flown from Germany. I shall join the office of Ms. Merkel soon.


Thank you all for staying tuned. Much much much to come!




PS: Join  us and you will get the ride of your life! Haha!

Let’s have the last laugh together! Ha ha

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