Charity begins at HOME

Posted by Apeksha Kandya
October 22, 2017

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Very often we think about all kinds of social issues, but we forget to build a place to address them. That place, is Home. And home is made pieces, pieces are family. We forget to get together at home and keep on thinking about solutions of all the problems that are prevailing in society. We forget to quench the thirst of our parents when they come home and talk about rivers not quenching ours. We forget to wish them good morning or ask them about their day or tell them about ours and keep answering facebook’s ‘How was your day?’. We forget to bring home sweets and keep having expensive dinners with others. We read the newspapers, posts and feeds but forget to read faces of those at home. We share so much with words and so little with hands. We smile, yet we do not feel happy. We laugh but we do not get tears.

We say I love you, but we always forget to Love.


So open your eyes and see, not the way they are, but how are we.

Let’s, for one day, not see others, not complain, not try to understand the world. Let’s, for one day, see ourselves, hear ourselves, our complains and try to understand ourselves. Because, each one of us makes ‘Society’, each one of us ‘Contributes’, each one of us has ‘Problems’, as a whole and as a soul and each one of us can reform all the social issues. We just have to Begin, Begin at HOME.

  1. Close your eyes and rectify what can be
  2. Act for what we think
  3. Decide without a blink
  4. And then Smile from within


We always talk about what bad has happened. We always focus on the world, we gossip, we sigh, we believe, we lie. We watch movies and cry. We grin on entertainment channels and promote them however we fail to notice the little comedian at our own homes.

‘WE’ as a whole will get reformed, if and only if, we get transformed at our Homes.


Let us hear out our loved ones and connect to them. Let us listen to them and bond with them. Let us get to know them and be amazed, knowing the unending life stories they always wanted to tell us about. Let the love begin at Home. Let us take a pledge to love our Parents, see the excitement of that love on their faces. Let us understand our Siblings, see the contentment of being understood on their faces. Let us smile at our Neighbors, see the glow of familiarity on their faces.

Let us LOVE, Let us begin at HOMES.



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