Posted by Madeline Wallace
October 13, 2017

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Once the thermometer column rises, we not only enjoy the heat and the sun but also begin to consider what clothes to choose to make yourself not only beautiful and stylish but also comfortable. This becomes even more important then you are traveling to exotic countries there next to heat, high humidity is also waiting for you. So, when you are looking for clothes for your amazing tropical holidays abroad, use these tips below provided by foreign travel specialists Travel Ticker.

Choose clothes made of natural fibers. No matter how cute this dress of polyester looks like, leave it for cooler weather. On a hot day, choose clothing of natural fabrics: cotton, linen, silk, rayon and combinations of these thereof. These fabrics allow the skin to breathe and create a sense of freshness and coolness.

Do not rush to undress. When it is hot, you want to kick off clothes – it seems that this is the only way to cool down yourself. But do not rush to do so. The more naked skin you show, the more sun’s rays impact it. And therefore, instead of the freshness and cooling you wanted, all that you get is hot, the sun burnt skin. Therefore, choose a light, but closed clothing. Beautiful blouses and t-shirts look much better than the fit beach shirt with shoulder straps or sleeveless knitted men’s shirts.

Choose lighter clothes. On a hot day is not the best idea to wear clothes, lying close to the body like a second skin. Even if you have worked hard all winter and now you want to show off your impeccable body. Flopping dresses and skirts, lightweight blouses, free-falling shirts and other clothes that allow air to circulate between your body and a garment – that’s what you need to forget about the vehement heat.

Take care of headwear. We’ve all heard of sunstroke. And we all remember as a child how our mothers insisted that we wear a summer hat. Only for some reason, we forget that the caps can protect not only kids but also adults’ heads. So make sure to have some quality headwear. Comfortable knitted hats, Fedora hats or bonnets decorated with flowers, silk scarves, and bandanas not only protect you from the sun but also will become a perfect accent to the outfit.

Do not be afraid of darker colors. We have heard that the summer is a time of light clothing. However, if you love wearing black, that does not mean that you have to switch to all white now. How you will feel comfortable with a garment depends more on his cut and fabric from which it is made up, than the color. So boldly choose darker shades of clothing if they are made from natural materials and allows air to circulate freely between the garment and your body. Dark blue or black free falling thin linen dress will be clearly better choice than a white body-hugging polyester dress with shoulder straps.

Choose comfortable shoes. Feet sweat on hot days no less than the whole body. What happens when moist skin touches with the rough surface, perhaps everyone knows. So very carefully choose summer footwear. If you have any doubt whatsoever those sandals can be uncomfortable and can hurt – they probably will. Remember, that during summer heat feet start to swell too. Therefore, shoes bought with the thought “okay, it will get a bit wider once I start wearing it” in the evening can be a torture tool. For the same reason, better try on and buy shoes in the afternoon. This way you can prevent the situation then perfectly in the morning fitted shoes, in the evening are too small.



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