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Confused secular liberals

Posted by redpandachamp
October 24, 2017

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I have seen it numerous times-from History to political theory, from theft to organized crime media and some self claimed intellectuals are anti-Hindu.

Gupta King Samudragupta is slammed as imperialist cruel King while liberal Historian do not dare to speak anything against coercive and barbaric rule of Aurangzeb. Mughal invaders are glorified but greats like Maharana Patap and Chhatrapati Shivaji are neglected.

Sociologists have habit of demonizing Hindus religion but Fa-Hien who visited India during reign of Chandragupta-II said that every Indian lived peacefully and India is blessed with lot of prosperity! Well liberal lies are obvious they cannot hear anything good about Pure Vedic Hindu empire!

The term Fascism first appeared when Benito Mussolini was ruling Italy and he proclaimed that he is an atheist. Still I see liberals fitting term like fascism with Hindus. Our secular brigade can question UP CM Yogi on celebrating festival at Ayodhya as give explanation that money should be spent on eradicating poverty but……..

These secular hyenas are silent when President House various secular political parties wasted public money on Ramzan Iftaar parties. No one ever questioned need for Hajj subsidy!!!

I can go on and on on liberal hypocrisy but we must remember one thing. When West Punjab,Sindh and East Bengal lost their Hindu majority status when these states became Muslim dominated a new nation called Pakistan was created.

Liberals do not want Nationalism certificate but they are busy in distributing ‘secular’ certificate!

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