Cracking Down Business

Posted by Divya Human
October 15, 2017

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Bursting crackers on diwali was banned by Supreme court, being concerned over air quality. But let me ask where was the concern during Dusshera, when millions of ravans dressed with crackers were burst. Had supreme court passed this order immediately after Dusshera, cracker buyers would not have stocked heavy amount of crackers. Announcement just 5 days before diwali has ruined diwali of shopkeepers who dreamed of a good earning on diwali.
Moreover government shows concern over 8air quality, water loss in festivals only. They don’t see damage of air caused by factories and industries. Neither water getting polluted by them. But a month in a full year disturbs air quality and water loss. Government doesn’t cares about enviornment they only shows it offf, which can be done better on festivals.
If government is concerned over enviornment and pollution, they should control industries and not people.

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